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Logic 9 ILLogic looping BUG!

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Bigdawgbigal, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Bigdawgbigal

    Bigdawgbigal New Member

    I have noticed to my frustration, that when I have a loop setup using the left and right locators, if after the loop has cycled, (or if I am just playing back from the left locator with the loop on) and I want the song to play on and not loop anymore, when I turn the loop off and the playhead is near to the right cursor the Logic bugs out and the audio gitches!

    It sounds like the audio engine wants to play the start of the loop even though it shouldn't be looping anymore.

    Total VIBE KILLER! and not what I would expect from a so called PRO bit of software!

    I am currently using 9.1.6 on a super duper fat Mac Pro running OS10.6.8
    but I have noticed this same glitch on other systems as well.

    Is this another one of Logic's 'features' or is it preference hidden deep in some obscure sub menu somewhere?

    Anyone else out there experience this as well? And if so any fixes?
    Or do you just put up with it?


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