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Logic 9 Importing regions from one project, to another project that has a different tempo

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by adzkatz, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. adzkatz

    adzkatz New Member

    Hey there,
    Basically, I have an instrumental which is at 100bpm that I have recorded vocals for. In the first session, the tempo was set at 120, which I paid no attention to at the time because I wasn't using the click.

    A few months later, I have been working on the same song (same instrumental) in a different session, where I changed the tempo to 100 at the beginning of the session.

    I am now trying to import audio regions from the first session into the second session, but because the first session had 120 as the tempo, the regions don't line up and I have to move every region into place separately.

    I am wondering:

    A) Is there a way to change the tempo of the first session so that the audio regions all stay the same distance apart or I can just tell logic that the session is actually at 100bpm, and have everything adjust to acknowledge that?


    B) If I bounce each track in the first session (not ideal as I have colour coded and affected every region differently), then move the tracks as whole tracks/longer, merged regions (I have about 8 tracks which are currently split into about 20 regions each) over to the second session - will there still be discrepancies in the distance between audio bits, or will that problem be solved? Would Logic then play back the whole tracks/bounced regions at it's speed as an independent region, unrelated to tempo, or will it play back faster or slower?


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