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Logic Studio apps Impressed by MainStage

Discussion in 'MainStage' started by Roman Che, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Roman Che

    Roman Che New Member

    After long time using Windows apps, i was really impressed today by MainStage engine.Help me please understand, what wrong.
    Look to that:

    This is a lot of patches in one Concert:

    Every patch have 10-7 synths inside, also 16 instances of Camel Audio Alchemy in Concert:

    This is the CPU when i start to play some patch (also playing 2 Backtraks in this concert):

    This is a Audio preferences:

    In other words - is the 400-500 synths now in memory. And this is works.
    Tell me please - this is some mistake? Or illusion ? How it possible ? Or this is some MS engine trick ? What limit of MS internal synths-instances ? This is a NOT CPU depended, right ?

    I try this test today and i'm shocked by results. I never get more then 9 - 15 synths in one time on Windows (8Gb, 2.6 Quad Core CPU, ASIO was switched to 512 samples - 30-40 MS latency). Only freeze was my best friend on Windows... But now... What the MainStage limit ? How many plug-ins can i load with one Concert ? Can someone say few words about MainStage engine ?

    p.s. I show screens for 64 bit MainStage. 32 bit version crashed on 71 patch.
  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Since the synths are just "loaded" but not being played, you can add as many as you want. When you start to actually play them is when the engine starts to process and require CPU.

    In other words, MS uses a dynamic algorithm for CPU distribution: a plug-in might be instantiated, but will not require any CPU UNTIL it is being played by the user.

    BTW 64 is a very small buffer, I suggest 128 or even 256 would be better once you start using MS in live performance. Sure the latency is higher, but the CPU is much lower.
  4. Roman Che

    Roman Che New Member

    Wooow. What i say more. Of course - that way is better than switching presets, because switching "on the fly" may cause glitches, or errors (when plugin change the number of voices, or change some internal routing. For example - Reaktor has a some kinds of "switches mute"bug - engine resets with producing short mute and restarting voices and ADSR's.) Not many host apps can declare the same feature like MS.

    Thanks for hint. Now i'm interested about all possibilities of MS and how it on my hardware - it for planning MS concert, and what kind of synths and how be used in,all workflow. I try to know MS better - all goodies and all holes. Really impressive application. Another world.

    ooooooookaaaaaaaay !! :angel:

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