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inability to record in X

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by profdrums, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. profdrums

    profdrums New Member

    I've been using Logic 9 for years and am working through my first project in X. I've been working on a project with no problems and then all of a sudden, I'm not able to record when playing in MIDI info.

    I'm seeing input levels when I play my MIDI keyboard, I'm hearing the instrument I'm playing when I play along with the existing tracks. BUT, when I hit the R key for record or even click on the red circle record button, the record button begins flashing, but never turns solid and I've lost my recording capabilities.

    I've searched through preferences and the recording options but haven't been able to find what's changed from when I was able to record and now--in the same project.

    Any suggestions?
  3. profdrums

    profdrums New Member

    SOLVED: I accidentally got into auto punch mode. The red bar (indicator for the place to punch in) even when minimized to nothing is still active as long as the auto punch button (mode) is on. With the red bar eliminated, there will not be anyplace where recording will happen.
    NEW QUESTION: How did I turn the auto punch mode on? At the time I must have done that, I didn't even have the auto punch button displayed in my control bar. I looked to see if there was a key short cut to auto punch mode and there isn't. I can't figure out how I initiated this mess. Well at least I figured out what it was and can get back to work. If I ever find out how I activated auto punch mode by mistake I'll add another comment.
  4. Keyboardist_1992

    Keyboardist_1992 New Member

    I've the same problem.. I was meddling around on other apps with Logic running behind and i don't know what i did to activate auto punch mode. Now my project can't record even when enabling record or clicking on the record button..

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