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Logic 9 Inconsistent latency with recording

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by honeychrome, May 27, 2011.

  1. honeychrome

    honeychrome New Member

    Logic Pro on a Mac Pro tower, 10.6.7, 2x2.4 Quad Core, 6gb ram, recording with an Apogee MiniMe. I'm suddenly having latency problems when recording both audio and midi, but only in some projects, and it doesn't have to to with number of tracks of plug-in load. If I open a new project with nothing in it, I'm having the latency problem, but if I open an old(er) project with lots of tracks/plug-ins and record there is no discernible delay. In fact if I open two projects at the same time, one will have no latency and the other will, which leads me to think it is a project/song setting. I've compared all that I can think of and they're the same. Its driving me crazy! Any ideas?
  3. kcmoore

    kcmoore New Member

    Sorry I can't give a fix.... I'm having the same problems.
    I've gone through the loop back recording latency test and the only thing I can confirm with my system (MacPro 2x3Ghz Quad Core (2006) Metric Halo I/O 2882 Logic 9.1.4) is that if you disable and then re-enable the Audio Device then latency improves. But yes overall I'm experiencing some crazy latency .

  4. honeychrome

    honeychrome New Member

    Keith- have you always had the latency, or did it just suddenly start?

    Its bizarre to me that I'm having the problem only in some songs/projects. I'm going to try pasting all the tracks from a song I'm having the problem with into a copy of a song that I'm not having the problem with and see if that makes a difference. It really seems like it must be some sort of setting that somehow got changed, but I can't figure out what it is.
  5. kcmoore

    kcmoore New Member

    Lemme know your results

  6. coh998

    coh998 New Member

    Are all audio files going to and from the same drive, or are newer projects going to a different drive?

    Is the drive getting full? New files may be having a hard time finding contiguous write space...? Just a thought.
  7. honeychrome

    honeychrome New Member

    Sorted it out, I think. Somehow the output channel strip on a couple songs got changed to a preset with various active plug-ins that I guess are processor intensive. I reset the strip to default and the latency problem went away. Explains why it was only happening with some songs.
  8. kcmoore

    kcmoore New Member

    better check my Autoload template
  9. cmoore976

    cmoore976 New Member

    Try going down on your audio buffer size.

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