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Logic 9 Inconsistent Recording Levels

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by emetalhead, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. emetalhead

    emetalhead New Member

    Hi, I started a project recently. I recorded part of it one day. Everything seemed fine. Then I returned to it to record another section the next day (in one of the tracks which I had previously recorded in), but the levels were way lower than they were the previous day.

    The interface settings were all exactly the same and I hadn't changed anything in the preferences or settings. Additionally, everything looked fine while recording (the spikes were about the same amplitude as in previously recorded sections), but when I stopped recording all the spikes were reduced to a line and the playback level was much lower than in previous sections.

  3. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    Regarding the display of spikes, it is normal they would appear small you could adjust their size without affecting their actual levels.
    Regarding the actual change of levels, it could be many things!
    Have you been able to reproduce the problem with another project?
    What are your system specs?
  4. emetalhead

    emetalhead New Member

    This happened once before in another project. All the mics and levels were exactly the same as before. What was even stranger in that case is that I was recording a flute, rather than a guitar amp, so the range of volume of the instrument definitely couldn't account for the huge change of levels of the recording.
    I have a 2GB processor and 2GB of ram. I assume HD capacity isn't relevant, right?

    Thanks so much!
  5. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    What OS are you running/Type of Mac/What brand interface and yes, though it may not matter specifically to your issue, it's good to know if you are running Logic and your media on different drives as opposed to running it all off your system drive (which is not recommended.)

    But back to your issue, just to clarify you are saying the actual waveforms on the Logic timeline suddenly become re-rendered at a much "lower looking level" which then causes overall output to play at a lower level as well? Are the output meters on the Logic Master channel strip reflecting a significant "drop" in level as well?
    Say the Master Fader meter peaked at -6 the first day, you are saying that now it peaks at a much lower level? Is the drop in level consistent? (Meaning is it always an "-x"db value or are the fluctuations random?)

    I am asking such specific questions to ascertain where the issue might be. Is it a Logic internal monitoring issue or does it have something to do with your physical interface I/O?
    Let us know when you can. :hippy:
  6. emetalhead

    emetalhead New Member

    testing, testing
  7. emetalhead

    emetalhead New Member

    Sorry for the late reply...I had thought I had replied twice to this, but the posts aren't appearing.

    Anywho, I have a 2GB processor, 2GB ram, a 160GB HD, and am running Snow Leopard 10.6.8. I'm not sure what you mean by running it on a different you mean I should be running it on an external HD? And yes, the output meters seem to reflecting a drop in the levels, though I'm not sure if it's seems like that would be hard to determine, given that the instruments I'm recording don't sustain notes very long.
  8. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    Sometimes when adding heavy bass sound to a track it muffles the entire mix.
    Could you post on SoundCloud?
  9. emetalhead

    emetalhead New Member

    I have had issues with the bass drum causing gaps in the other sound files, but this has only shown up on the exported .mp3s. Also, one of the projects in question had no bass in it.

    Unfortunately, I deleted the files and haven't been able to recreate the problem, but if it occurs again I'll be sure to upload the sound file.
  10. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    Use of EQ to cut lower frequencies (not only bass sound) from your mix is a broadly used technique to render higher quality recording bounces.
  11. emetalhead

    emetalhead New Member

    Hi, guys.

    So I'm having this issue again, but this time the lower levels are NOT reflected in the output meter. When we turn the input up past half way the output meter registers it as clipping even if the interface isn't registering it as clipping.

    I recently reformatted my computer and didn't copy all the settings from my external HD. Could that have something to do with it?

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