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Logic Studio apps Installation Snafu

Discussion in 'MainStage' started by foxymoron, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. foxymoron

    foxymoron New Member

    Hi. I'm a new Mainstage user. I've purchased several tutorials, including Doug Zangar's (which is great, by the way.) I have several problems.
    Problem 1: I'm trying to get the Axiom 61 to play nice with Mainstage and I'm wondering if there is some initial setting or preset on the Axiom where I should start from before I begin to set up my own sets, patches and concerts. So far I just hit the program button and I can use the - + keys to change patches. I'm unable to change sets so far. At present I'm learning on my Mac Pro, but I want to go to my laptop soon so I can actually do gigs using this setup.
    Problem 2:
    So yesterday I noticed my laptop's version of Mainstage was 2.0.1. I have Logic Pro working in 64 bit, but this Mainstage version is giving me no indication of being 64 bit (as it does in the info tab in Logic.) Anyway, I tried downloading the latest Mainstage version (2.1.1) and when I mounted the disk image, the computer alerted me that the upgrade was unnecessary. I'm still confused by this, so I deleted the old version of Mainstage on my laptop and emptied the trash. The 2.1.1 disk image still insists that I don't need to install Mainstage even though it is no longer on my computer. What should I do? I'm completely stumped. Do I need to delete some files I'm unaware of?
    If someone knows please let me know. Thank you!
  3. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    WRT the installation issues, in order for the updater to find mainstage, it cannot be renamed, and must be in the Applications Folder. Now that you deleted it, try to re-install Mainstage from your Logic Studio discs, and then try to update again.

    kind regards

  4. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    I don't know the Axiom controller but recommend a neutral preset. Most controllers are usable in a default state, e.g. after a factory reset if available. At least I prefer this over custom presets. If a device works with the factory settings you don't have to maintain and backup your own settings and in the case of an accident you just replace the unit and are up and running in no time.

    You want program changes to change patches, so you maybe want to have the +/- buttons for this function as well. You want the standard functions like pitch- and modulation wheels, sustain and so on. Everything else should send CC (Control Change). I can imagine that this is the default state of your device.

    A set is only a container, hence the folder icon. You cannot select a set but only patches within sets. You can map something to a screen control to jump to the next or previous set, this brings you to the first patch in this set.

    If you do not want to select patches directly, this may be an alternative method for you. You would send a CC message to jump to the next/prev set and then play with the +/- buttons within this set.

    Mhm, I think the installer looks after a "Receipt" file. You should have such a file (or more of them) on your system partition:
    Try to move the file(s) to some other place and start the installer again. Then it shouldn't see that Mainstage was already installed and may just do a fresh install. No guarantee.
  5. foxymoron

    foxymoron New Member

    Thanks so much for your responses, Peter and Mark. The installation problem is taken care of. I have the Enigma software up now for the Axiom and I'm going to try mapping from "preset 17" which they describe as the "midi learn" preset, (in other words, blank except for standard controls such as the mod wheel, etc.) They use this for Live. At least that what they say it is for. Hopefully this Preset will be one from which I can work out sets of patches that will be useful, accurate and quick during a gig. Thanks again.
  6. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Thanks for kind words on MainStage DVD. I had a Novation keyboard then that has since been replaced with an Axiom Pro 49.

    I haven't really used it with MainStage since I got it (ok, I'm a guitar player, alright?) but I played with it tonight and the Logic template (number 14) seems to work fine. FWIW, my template 17 is a Reason template, the Live is number 19.

    If the plus and minus buttons you're talking about are in the group N section, I couldn't get these will work as they don't appear to send out MIDI info. The faders, knobs and drum pads all seem to send out unique CC numbers so they should all be mappable.

    Try mapping knobs to set and patch list controls. Then change the type to single value. Fast way to cruise through them.
  7. foxymoron

    foxymoron New Member

    Thanks, Doug.

  8. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member


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