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Logic 7 & earlier Installer image or app folder for Logic Platinum 5.5 Mac OS 9

Discussion in 'Logic 7 and older Versions' started by johnpitcairn, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. johnpitcairn

    johnpitcairn Member

    Waay back in the day I was a Logic environment guy, responsible for the Fadermapper environment and others. I'm currently trying to resurrect a bunch of old environments for various hardware, some of which will only run successfully in Logic 5.5 (Logic 6 broke a few environment sysex things).

    I still have an XSkey that will run Logic 4.8+, and I have running installations of that and Logic 6.x on OS 9. But I find that due to a corrupt archive I do not have an archived install of Logic 5.5 on Mac OS 9, and no install media that I can find.

    Is anyone able to help me out with an install media image, or even just a 5.5 application folder? The license is attached to the XSkey, not the media, so there is no license violation in doing so.
  3. johnpitcairn

    johnpitcairn Member

    Thanks for looking. I managed to find a 5.1.x install and a 5.5.0 updater in another archive, and it's now running happily.

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