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Logic 8 iPhone apps to control Logic?

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by Orc, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. Orc

    Orc New Member

    Is there anyone of you out there using any of the iPhone remote control apps for controlling Logic. In that case would you recommend any specific application for this purpose?

    I am thinking along the lines of remote controlling transport contorls for use when in a vocal booth or a similar situation.

    (BTW, I saw that Steinberg has an iPhone app out for remote controlling Cubase and I finmd it remarkable that Apple hasn't yet thought of an app for controlling Logic in a similar way!)
  3. horselesspaul

    horselesspaul New Member

    You can use:

    Far Out Labs' ProRemote or Touch OSC or iTM MCU, amongst others.

    Pro Remote is probably the most 'Logic friendly' although iTouchMIDI's MCU works well now.
  4. Janne

    Janne Member

    I believe Novations Automap for iPhone will work too, but it's not released yet.

    I guess that next major Logic update will have iPhone support just like Logic 8 got support for the Apple Remote.
  5. Gio

    Gio Member

    I use Mocha's VNC to actually control the computers. It gives me a full screen so I can just navigate all the computer on any program
    Check it out
  6. Orc

    Orc New Member

    I was originally thinking of just some simple keyboard remote application to issue Logic kbd commands for rec fw, rew play etc.

    Now after searching the net (and reading your comments) I realize that the Open Sound Control-enabled products might be a less limiting and an interesting way to go.

    Novation's automap doesn't seem to show up in the iTunes store although it was announced in Sound on Sound a while back. Apple seem to be quite slow (or the sheer amount of iPhone apps to be reviewed are too big for them).

    And yes, let's hope that next Logic will launch with a iPhone companion app. Time will tell. I think I'll go the OSC way for the time being.

    (As a side-note: The ProRemote is ridiculously priced IMHO. Why pay almost a third of a new Logic Pro bundle for an iPhone app? I guess the price is set for a proffessional budget but I don't think it's a professional's choice. I would rather buy a dedicated wireless hw remote for that purpose rather than having to rely on having the iPhone at hand in the booth. )
  7. horselesspaul

    horselesspaul New Member

    It sounds like you only need Pro Transport at £4.99. I bought Pro Remote light edition which I don't think is available now.
  8. Orc

    Orc New Member

    Thanks, that one seems to fulfill my transport needs. I must say that iTunes Store is hopeless to find stuff in unless you know what the name is.
  9. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    I sometimes use Pro Transport, it seems a bit flaky - sometimes it works fine, other times it doesn't. VNC just wouldn't connect at all.
  10. doofus

    doofus Member

    some folks I know report that the iPhone generates quite a bit of noise (flutter-y kind of static) that gets into the signal path and will get recorded...not a good thing.
  11. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    The Frontier Tranzport is a wireless remote control and directly supported by Logic (a control surface). Not really cheap, though. There is also a mic stand adapter available.

    Another option would be a standard foot controller like the Behringer FCB1010 or something else. You would send MIDI to the Logic key commands, via your MIDI interface. No Logic display then, of course.

    I know this isn't what you asked for but, mhm, I personally would not like an active cell phone beside me during recording.
  12. Orc

    Orc New Member

    I agree. Still if you put the iPhone into "airplane mode" I would guess that phone interference would be neglectible and you wouldn't need to experience things like the phone at the end of Bowie's "Life on Mars" ;)

    See my earlier comment about a dedicated hw solution like the one you suggests (Tranzport being the only wireless alternative AFAIK). Still I'm sure an iPhone app could come in handy in certain (less than ideal) situations.
  13. perceptual

    perceptual New Member

    iPhone 4 no longer creates interference

    Low and behold the iPhone 4 does not create the annoying interference the previous models made when placed anywhere near speakers. Life is much better in the studio having my phone near me right next to my mixing desk :)

  14. robgb

    robgb Member

    I use ProTransport. I think it may have cost me about five dollars or so. It's a simple interface, stop-start-rewind-punch-loop-etc., but I find that because the iPhone screen is small, this is about all you'd want on it.

    It works wonderfully. I got one of those suction cup iPhone car holders and attached it to the top of my keyboard, so now I have the phone right there positioned perfectly and it all works like a dream.

    And I don't get any of the interference talked about here.

    It's also great when you go into the vocal booth and you're a one-man show. Although setting up a monitor in there with a wireless keyboard and mouse would probably work just as well.

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