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Logic 9 Is the 32-bit RAM bug back?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by jimmydeluxe, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. jimmydeluxe

    jimmydeluxe Member

    Ever since 9.1.3., I've been maxing out much lower with my track count and logic is having to quit--run out of memory. This just happened on a song with 18 tracks :( 7 or 8 of which were VI's.

    In 9.1.2., it was much, much better (over 9.1 and earlier)--I don't remember getting that message once. Am I alone on this, or doing something wrong? I have 4 cores enabled.

  3. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    I'm working these days pretty much exclusively in 64 bit, so, no memory messages.

    Could you list some systemdetails, including: what type of computer, how much RAM, which OS Version, and in particular, the 7 or 8 Instruments you say are being used and so on.

    kind regards

  4. jimmydeluxe

    jimmydeluxe Member

    Thanks--should now be in my sig. Not at the stu now, but I believe Battery, Octopusx2, Korg Mono/Poly x 2, maybe Predator?

    I'd use 64-bit too, but the bridge is such a hassle...was running great in 9.1.2, wish I could reinstall that one.
  5. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Next time, read through FAQ 11 about how to update and keep the previous version of logic.

    kind regards

  6. xmiinc

    xmiinc Member that a confirmation that there is indeed a 'return' of a prior memory bug? Iow, are other users exhibiting similar lower track counts and memory issues with 9.1.3 that would necessitate keeping earlier versions of Logic around? I'm fairly new to Logic, should this be considered SOP?
  7. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    For whatever it's worth, I just had a project running 32 bit with roughly 20 audio tracks & 20 VI tracks with lots of automation and 3rd party plug-ins & did not run into any out-of-the-ordinary memory issues.
  8. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    No, other than the statement that he is getting fewer tracks, I'm not even clear as to exactly what the OP means by a memory "Bug".

    Personally, I believe it should be SOP when updating any vital software. Of course there are alternatives such as using time machine to go back to a previous version. Zipping the last version of Logic is just so simple and obvious, it seems pointless not to do it.

    kind regards

  9. xmiinc

    xmiinc Member

    ...duly noted. Thanks, good stuff to know!

  10. jimmydeluxe

    jimmydeluxe Member

    Yes, thanks for that tip--I'll zip up for sure in the future.

    With regards to the "bug," there were multiple users across this and other forums who noticed reduced track count, memory low msgs, and logic auto-quitting at lower track counts than ever before after 9. For example, whereas the other night I had less than 20 tracks, though half of which were VIs, I was getting "low memory" when before 9 I would routinely have 75-100+ tracks, around 10-15 VIs, with no problem in 32 bit mode. The discrepancy was obvious when no such problem was encountered in the same version of Logic but running 64 bit. Just Google "logic ram bug."

    This seemed to have gone away completely by 9.1.2., but appears to have returned, at least for me, in 9.1.3. Part of it could be different plugs or VIs that I'm using, but it's pretty drastic and obvious in this case.

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