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ive always had fun doing this

Discussion in 'Music Creation' started by hsdrecording, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. hsdrecording

    hsdrecording Member

    ok, so i have done this with a few other folks (on a much smaller scale), and alot of artists with paintings. everyone post up a track. maybe just a guitar, some drums, a vocal, fart noises......whatever. then one person takes it and adds to it, with no input from original author (except m aybe tempos), then repost. someone else takes it and adds to it, so on and so on. you eventually end up with a really cool collaboration of all different styles from all different people from all over the world. anyone into it? if so i will post up something this wknd. or if you got something, go first. it can be fun. lets see what happens.
  3. pv_joker

    pv_joker Member

    This definitely sounds like something I would be interested in contributing to but not for a few months as I am sans internet at home at the moment. If you manage to get this idea off the ground then I'd most certainly contribute in the future.

    Good luck with it!
  4. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    It's ok from our side. Just open a new thread in the "LUG Media Station". People can upload .zip files up to about 200 kB for the small sounds. We may increase the filesize and if this action gathers a lot of interest we can provide some FTP space for the larger files.
  5. Orren Merton

    Orren Merton Logic Samurai / Administrator Staff Member

    Hi hsd,

    Great idea! I too do this all the time—in fact, Ember After began as me and my friends trading my songs around. As Peter already mentioned, we're happy to help facilitate people exchanging files as much as possible. With friending, Private messaging, and other thing the current version of the LUG has a few basic social networking features; vBulletin 4, the upgrade that we are currently in the early stages of testing and implementing, has even more, which might facilitate this even further.

    If there are any specific features that you think could help, please go ahead and bring them up on a thread I started in the Discuss this Site forum titled New Year, New LUG Plans. Our goal is to include all the functionality we can to really make this a cool user community, and we'd love to know about any ideas you have!

  6. ristinw

    ristinw New Member

    :) it sounds fun. Can I join in? XD
    I wonder if the future version of LUG can be add some functions for users to share their music like they have in :)


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