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I've come out the box :-)

Discussion in 'Metric Halo' started by garethJones, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. garethJones

    garethJones Member

    I am using my ULN-8 into a Fat Bustard. Good fun.

    I would like to route the computer audio outs through the MIO Mixer channel strip and fader and then to the Hardware output. Can I do this without making a Bus in the MIO Mixer to feed each audio output?

    Advice welcomed. Thanks!
  3. mhbj

    mhbj New Member

    You can't use the fader to set the output gain without having a bus for each output, but you can send the pre-fader signal via the direct out in the strip to your analog output. You can use an insert to set the level (e.g. with the fader in a MIOStrip or with another of the gain control plugins). You can also adjust the analog out level via the analog output controls (this is a better choice for static level control anyway as it will maintain full digital resolution).

    Hope this helps!

    B.J. Buchalter
    Metric Halo
  4. garethJones

    garethJones Member

    Hey B.J.

    Thanks for the clear response - that's what I figured. The Analog trims are controlled by the MIO console, right?

    Now if I could map my Euphonix MC Mix to these trims I would be a happy bunny.
  5. mhbj

    mhbj New Member

    They are controlled by MIO Console or the Front Panel. I don't believe that they are in the set of controls that are supported by the Euphonix.

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