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jumping score

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by peterlemer, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. peterlemer

    peterlemer Senior member

    whenever I perform an action on screen, such as selecting an event, or copying, the score jumps from that position to wherever the cursor is.

    Is there a way to control this behaviour?

  3. Jang

    Jang New Member

    I get that too, often....
    I suspect it's my Blue-tooth magic mouse because I get similar events using other software also.
    Some day I may swap out that mouse and see any improved results.

    Edit: It seems being sure the batteries are well charged helps.
    What kind of mouse do you use ? wired? Bluetooth?
  4. peterlemer

    peterlemer Senior member

    Jang: that's very interesting - I have similar doubts about my own bluetooth kensington mouse.

    Trouble is, it has quite a few bells'n'whistles that I might really miss :)

    BUt trying a simple USB mouse should not be difficult for a short while.

    Please let us know how you get on with your wired mouse, and I will do the same

  5. Jang

    Jang New Member

    Hey, I love the use of a blue-tooth mouse, like…. no wires….. so convenient…

    Sadly, BlueTooth is a flakey technology, in itself….
    It’s susceptible to outside interference, like wifi is too…

    If you get to where it is really a decision, go hard wired and be happy.
    You can even quickly swap between the two easily, as needed, actually….
    It can be a simple pop into sys prefs and select one or the other, and bang, done…. your in control ! ... Do both.....

    kensington has quality stuff, but we’re at the mercy of the BlueTooth technology and we don’t need the hassle, especially if you/me spend a lot of time editing stuff.

    Maybe I’m wrong, there’s $10 dollar mice out there and what ever gets the job done, wins, as I see it…
  6. peterlemer

    peterlemer Senior member

    bluetooth blues

    My daughter has lent me this yere Dell USB mouse, which I'm using today for the first time for real.... later will attempt some editing. pete
  7. Jang

    Jang New Member

    Hi Pete,
    This mouse issue is perhaps more than the mouse itself.
    I was google-ing around using “magic mouse sensitivity” and got a LOT of hits re; many others that have this jittery mouse thing.

    It could very well be an Apple/Yosemite Bug !!!
    A lot of people are having the same problem in various applications !!

    Yet, I am anxious to hear if a wired mouse is any better.
  8. Jang

    Jang New Member

    Hi again Pete, about 15 minutes later...

    I found a very helpful post regarding our situation.
    In Apple Prefs, in Accessibility area, Mouse/Options (the one at the bottom) change the inertia setting to OFF and it seems to help a LOT !!!
  9. peterlemer

    peterlemer Senior member

    Hi Jang: the score still jumps with my Dell USB mouse ( which seems to be very good as a basic 2-button mouse).
    I will try your accessibility suggestion tomorrow, thanks

  10. peterlemer

    peterlemer Senior member

    Hi again Jang, in my accessibility options/mouse there is no inertia setting. Is this a Yosemite thing?
  11. Jang

    Jang New Member

    Oh yeah, sorry, I see you are at OSX 10.8.2, which is Mt. Lion ?
    BTW Mt. Lion will update to 10.8.5, why don’t you try it ?

    Actually I set up Yosemite on an external and discovered that it worked quite well on my 2012 iMac here, so ended up going for it and is running quite well and that got me to LPX 10.1.
    Ha !!, as I see on the “LPX Help” forum it turns out that 10.1 has a bunch of new bugs too.

    The inertia thing is probably Yosemite only, I don’t recall seeing it in ML.
    As it turns out the inertia thing does not totally solve it anyway, so don’t leap up to Yosemite for it yet.

    Blue-Tooth and / or the Magic Mouse being too sensitive is a fact and I don’t know if Apple will address the issue(s), but there are a lot of posts from people about it. It’s not just LPX because I get the same problems in a CAD thing of mine and a few other softwares as well.

    As far as LPX goes, I do manage to get things done, even with the jitters almost everywhere.
    I avoid the piano roll and use the score editor when I can.
    Step input is the best but in a class of it’s own.. so many key controls to remember.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.
    You are not alone with these problems.
    I will update this if I find out anything else.
  12. peterlemer

    peterlemer Senior member

    I'm on Mavericks, Jang. thanks for descriptive feedback :)

  13. peterlemer

    peterlemer Senior member

    Jang; at the very least you've helped me update my sig. :)

  14. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Peter, IMHO there have been some graphic bigs in how the score editor deals with zoom and other things. I think some of this was fixed in 10.1. I haven't worked in the score on project for a while, but I can remember having to use "play from selection" a lot to get me back to where I was working...........
  15. peterlemer

    peterlemer Senior member

    thanks Doug

    that's a really useful tip - works a dream, if a tad annoying that I have to add another step every time I make a change. Will explore setting a dedicated mouse button :)

  16. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Glad it helps. I just find the whole graphic shift a little unsettling. I get pretty focused on my work and having to spend time to relocate my edit area drives me nuts. Let me know if you find anything else that might work.

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