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Just installed 2 Samsung 850 PRO 1TB drives on Seritek 6G2+2

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by batmandela, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. batmandela

    batmandela New Member

    I have decided not to use them in RAID - the 900MB/s speed is overkill for me. I am now getting 480 MB/s Write and 520 MB/s Read on both drives (they are mounted internally on the Seritek 6G2+2 card). Before, I was getting a little over 100MB/s on internal Caviar Blacks.

    My question to you is the following:

    How best shall I set up the SSDs? (I have 2 1TB Samsung 850 PROS - named Wall-E and EVE)

    I have my System and Applications on Wall-E.

    At the moment EVE is empty.

    I've heard that it is best to store documents on a regular HDD, so have kept them on my Seagate SSHD. Is this correct?

    I was thinking of storing my most-used Kontakt and EXS instruments on EVE - relatively small files that won't be overwritten that often.

    Anyone have any other suggestions? There are so many similar posts - but not exactly like mine. Drives are RAIDed... Thanks for your patience.


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