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Kernel panics, Crashes after 1.7.4 update

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by grr88, May 23, 2012.

  1. grr88

    grr88 New Member

    All was well with Logic Pro 9.1.7 until we upgraded Lion from 10.7.3
    Seems to go randomly to white screen, endless beach ball, or just plain crashes mostly when changing screen sets. Also editing audio file names can do it.

    Happens about once per hour during steady, constant work.
    White screen (kernel panic?) allows us to save and quit. Others not of course, and we don't get "project name.crashed" file generated.

    Anyone else have this problem? Any fixes besides going back to 10.7.3?

    Logic Pro 9.1.7
    Lion 10.7.4
    2 x 2.66 Dual-core Xeon
    8 GB RAM
  3. JuanTahnahmahrah

    JuanTahnahmahrah Senior member

    Oh, no! Not the dreaded spinning rainbow wheel of death!

    Tell me this is a joke. You are kidding, right?

    Just when I thought it might be worth upgrading to Lion..I mean this is the fourth increment, and I was beginning to like the looks of the Lion, too. Plus, I almost have enough money saved up. $29 bucks buys a quarter tank of gas nowadays.
  4. grr88

    grr88 New Member

    Juan, it's no joke. I'm trying to finish a job and the crashes and hangs are becoming more frequent. I've run the disc check/repair utility and I've repaired permissions. (No permissions ever need repairing.) Removed corrupt prefs and run all sorts of cleanups with MainMenu. Not helping.
    But all was fine in 10.7.3 so there you go - take the plunge - if you dare. Guess I'm going back to 10.7.3.
  5. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm holding steady at 10.7.3 until clone my system again.

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  6. drakey

    drakey New Member

    did anyone find a resolution for this that doesn't involve rolling back to 10.7.3?
  7. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    FWIW, Logic 9.1.7 doesn't cause any such problems here running in 10.7.4. A kernel panic may be an indication of problems with drivers, compatibility with audio hardware etc.

    kind regards

  8. drakey

    drakey New Member

    Thanks Mark.

    2 of my colleagues are seeing the same issue using different hardware so i don't think the issue is hardware related.

    for me it doesn't seem to happen when i'm mixing from stems in audio so perhaps its a plugin related issue.

    is it possible to check the crash log to see whats going on?



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