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Key Command for "More"

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by HKC, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. HKC

    HKC Senior member

    Hi there
    I wonder if there is a way to open/close the "more" option in the region inspector other than with the mouse.
    If I have "more" engaged I can't see the top of the channel strip and if I don't I can't see the fade options.
    I know I can save it in screen sets but I rather wouldn't. I haven't found a key command but I could have missed it since there are quite a few of these.

    It's of course a small thing but I do find that it slows down my pace a little bit because I use the fades quite a lot and using the mouse is getting more and more cumbersome as the screens get larger :)

    All the Best
  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    You could keep the region inspector in the Inspector completely closed, and then use the key command for "region inspector float", which is Option R, to bring it up and/or hide it as a floating window whenever you need it.
  4. HKC

    HKC Senior member

    It's a good idea except when you choose the more option in the float window it also opens in the main inspector (after opening and closing the window once) so it still makes the top of the channel strip invisible.
    I suppose the easiest way to do this is just to change the screen set during the periods where I work with crossfades. I don't really use the top of channel strip much during that.
    Thanks for the input, and it could have worked :)

    All the Best

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