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Key Commands

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Jay Denson, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Jay Denson

    Jay Denson Senior member

    Help!! Many of my key commands have changed. Esc no longer works at all. Ctrl K no longer makes markers - that's become opt apostrophe - cmd G has become shift G. Arrrgh!!

    I think I may have changed my key command preset from something to US English. I don't know what it was before.

    Is there a way back?

    TIA Jay
  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Unfortunately no. Not unless you took the step of saving/exporting your key commands as a preset first from the Key Commands Option menu.

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  4. Jay Denson

    Jay Denson Senior member

    Hi Eli

    I’ve figured out what happened to my Key Commands. When I upgraded from LP9 to LPX it seems LPX was polling the old LP9 KC preset file. This was because I hadn’t checked a preset in the list - didn’t even know the preset list existed at that point.

    I had wondered why forum members talked about, for example, T being the tool shortcut when for me it was still Esc. When I selected the US preset my shortcuts changed to the current LPX version.

    So I have to learn the new ones - no big deal. Now I’m up to date and back up to speed. You would think however that LPX would have either prompted you to select a KC preset or defaulted to the current one.

    I’m very interested in your new Groove3 book on scoring to video - please keep me informed. You're always welcome to email me privately.

    I received a private reminder from Peter to include my system specs. Of course it helps forum members to assess my questions, so here goes.

    Logic Pro X - 10.0.6 - Mac Pro - 2 x 2.8 Quad Core Intel Zeon - 8 GB 800 MHz DDR OSX 10.9.1
  5. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    It's a series of Logic Pro X Tips and Tricks videos, not a book. One section of it is devoted to working to picture. The rest of the videos in the series cover a potpourri of tips and tricks pertaining to various aspects of Logic.

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