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Logic 9 Korg Legacy collection not responding to midi

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by gomezkebab, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. gomezkebab

    gomezkebab New Member


    I bought the Korg Legacy collection a few years ago and recently installed it on my new macbook pro with Logic Pro version 9.1.8. My problem is that Korg Legacy does not respond to my midi keyboard when im playing. It is only when i open each of the synths individually that it responds to my midi controller and there is sound coming. Any ideas?
  3. gomezkebab

    gomezkebab New Member

    The version is Korg Legacy Collection 1.2.3 and im using Lion OS on Mac.

    When i open the Korg Legacy none of the synths are responding to midi. All other logic synths are working fine and other thrid party AU plugins. When i open up standalone polysix, Ms20, wavestation they all work fine and are responding to midi from the midi keyboard. When i open the full Korg Legacy package it does not respond at all.

    It is sending midi to legacy cell in Logic 9 but no sounds. The same thing with stand alone version. All other synths works well in standalone but legacy cell does not receive midi in standalone either.

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