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Logic 9 Korg Micro X Plugin Problems

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Jayburger, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. Jayburger

    Jayburger New Member

    Hi People..

    Sorry if this has been asked,, but I couldn't find it anywhere…

    I am using Logic Studio 9 and amongst other things a Korg Micro X. Everything has the latest drivers and updates from apple and Korg…

    I am trying to use my Korg sounds on midi files.. Midi Files work fine with the apple studio instruments and BFD.. but when I select the Korg Micro X plugin… Silence.. The keys on the editor are playing along to the midi notes.. but no sound via the computer. I can get it to trigger the Physical Korg, and record audio.. which is basically what I have been doing up to now.. But just seems a bit long winded when it should be working as a AU Plugin.

    Any help or advice greatly appreciated..

    Oh.. If your wondering why I want to use the plugin.. the track I'm doing has some rapid panning automation on the midi… I would like to keep the panning settings.. or can that be copied and placed over the audio automation ?


  3. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    This is not a software synthesizer. According to the description the plugin is an editor for the hardware and should be able to get automated. The sound still comes from the Micro X. Therefore you have to connect the stereo outputs or all four outputs of the synth to your audio interface and hear and record the audio signal.
  4. Jayburger

    Jayburger New Member

    Thank you for your reply Peter.. the manual is confusing (to me at least).. It reads like it works within your DAW as an AU Plugin !?.. Anyway.. At least I will sleep now tonight.. Thanks again…

    Does anyone know how to copy panning automation from a midi track to an audio track ? For example the midi track has some fast panning automation… but that is lost when the micro x outputs just audio to an audio region ?

  5. Jayburger

    Jayburger New Member

    Can Answer my own question now :).. Just incase anyone else is looking to do this..

    If you right click on the midi channel (Track on left… Not Fader Strip)… there is an option to re assign channel strip.. then options for mixer, midi, aux (whatever strips are on your desk).. then select (Audio 2) in my case.. and There it is.. All Panning and Fading settings now on the audio track :)

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