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Korg nanoKontrol & FCB1010 with Logic Exp. 9

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by WrinklyD, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. WrinklyD

    WrinklyD Member

    I want to use a recently purchased Behringer FCB1010 midi foot pedal board and a Korg nanoKontrol with Logic Express 9 mainly to control the transport i.e. both connected at the same time. I've installed the Korg Plug - In for the nanoKontrol and it works fine. The nK sends midi CC messages to control the transport on midi channel 1 and these are mapped by the Korg Plug - In to various Logic Transport key commands, Play, Stop etc. If I now want to control the same Transport functions with the FCB1010 (which I can program to send CC messages):
    1) Can I do that without screwing up the nanoKontrol?
    2) Do I just program the FCB1010 to send the same midi Channel and CC messages?
    3) Do I have to get LE9 to learn a new assignment because I'm sending the message from a different midi device?
    Any help and advice would be appreciated.
  3. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member


    Depends. Doesn't the nanoKONTROL send MMC messages for transport? I don't remember, I use it without the control surface bundle. But if yours sends CC you will be ok if the FCB1010 sends the same messages.

    No, if you set the device menu of the Controller Assignments to "Any" for those messages.

    But then do not send the same messages on the same channel from another controller or from software. With the "Any" setting they would trigger your transport also. Maybe you want this to happen, if you don't want it learn the messages just for the FCB1010. In this case it does not matter which messages you use because you make new Assignments anyway. You can use anything that gets accepted by the Controller Assignments.


    Please note: The FCB1010 does not send an "off" message for CCs, only the "on" value. But this should be ok in this case.
  4. WrinklyD

    WrinklyD Member

    Thanks Peter.
    The nanaKontrol I've purchased is the Control Surface version (faders, knobs switches etc.) and yes it does send CCs to control the various elements of Logic.
    Just to check my understanding of your final point: From what you've said I'm assuming even though Logic has already 'learned' a specific CC on a specific midi channel from the nanoKontrol to control say the Play function, I can send it a different CC etc. from the FCB1010 and Logic will recognise both as a command to start the Transport?
  5. WrinklyD

    WrinklyD Member

    Sorry I meant to ask this in my last post - where do I find the Device Menu that your suggesting I set to Any? I can't see it the Controller Assignments window.
    Thanks again.
  6. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    Did you assign the faders, knobs and buttons of the device yourself or did you install the Control Surface bundle from Korg and the nanoKONTROL just worked?
  7. WrinklyD

    WrinklyD Member

    No I downloaded the Plug-In from the Korg website and yes it just worked. However by using the Korg Editor I can see (and set if necessary) what each fader, knob, switch etc. is transmitting. I haven't changed any of the suggested PI settings.
  8. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    I think you have installed the control surface of the nanoKONTROL. You should see it in Logic —> Preferences —> Control Surfaces —> Setup.

    In this case I do NOT recommend to use the same messages by the foot controller, for several reasons. The main reason is that you would have to set the installed control surface itself to output to all devices which would send everything from the nanoKONTROL to all MIDI ports in your setup.

    Better don't mess with that, just learn MIDI messages of your choice from the FCB1010. You may try the default Program Changes, if they don't work take CCs or notes.

    Sorry, it is not called device menu. It's called "MIDI Input" and located in the right column where all the settings are:


    If you don't see columns and settings, switch the Controller Assignments panel to expert mode.
  9. WrinklyD

    WrinklyD Member

    Thanks. I'll try that.
  10. WrinklyD

    WrinklyD Member

    Hi Peter,
    That all seems to be working okay. It's quite simple when someone points you in the right direction. You help is greatly appreciated.
  11. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    If you have a clue about directions, yes. :)
    You are welcome.

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