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Logic TDM L9 TDM quicktime audio Sync

Discussion in 'Logic TDM' started by snds2good, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. snds2good

    snds2good New Member

    So Up graded to Logic 9 & am not able to get the quicktime audio to play in sync with the Picture... Neither on screen , nor externally through Firewire.. In either case the audio is sent from the mac output into my Digi 192 optically & out put through an Aux out the main utputs..... & no amount of advance or delay in the video offset prefs does it get back into sync... consistently about 1/2 a sec out of sync..
    Anyone have any suggestions ?
    Latest Logic 9.01 & Leopard on a 2.8 8 core mac HD3 With Protools 8.01
  3. crimsonnoise

    crimsonnoise New Member

    I am using firewire out, but I found out the the only way the video offset option works correctly is to have the quicktime as a DV stream (.dv), rather than a movie (.mov).

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