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Legacy ULN2 and Mio

Discussion in 'Metric Halo' started by Aa63, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Aa63

    Aa63 New Member

    Hi Allan,

    I used to have a ULN2 2d.
    I now have a ULN2 (non2d)

    I'm a bit perplexed with the routing table in the MIO 5 for a non 2d box - so...

    Should I not be using 5? It seems I can open the mixer window but it does not do anything.

    How about the monitor control?

    Should I remove any drivers etc. and re-install anything?

    Any other pitfalls, no-no's etc.

    I was playing around with the routing window and received great bursts of feedback when I clicked certain "squares" there. Can you please point me to some documentation or older video's that I can read up on for this pane(and the DSP routing), I'm not sure what is going on.


  3. Allen Rowand

    Allen Rowand Member

    The Mixer window is only active on 2d Expanded interfaces.

    It will switch between sources, but won't let you control the volume.

    All you can do is enable Legacy box support in the preferences.

    The documentation is in the Help menu or online:

    Legacy tutorials are here:
  4. Aa63

    Aa63 New Member

    Thanks Allen,

    Is it normal that I have only 6 DAW channels?

  5. Allen Rowand

    Allen Rowand Member

    I believe it is.

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