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Lemur w/Dexter or Euphonix

Discussion in 'The LUG Lounge' started by FoKuS, May 7, 2010.

  1. FoKuS

    FoKuS New Member

    Hi Everyone.

    I finally sold my Emagic Logic Control b/c I wanted to get something a little newer and smaller.
    I was thinking about investing in the Euphonix Transport as a minimum and then was thinking what to do next as far as track control, plug in control goes.

    What are your thoughts? Curious if you feel just the Lemur w/Dexter is the way to go to handle transport, cycle recording, etc or if there should be a combination of Lemur and Euphonix.

    Trying to get a good solid system for working with tracks and automation and plugins inside logic.
    I also use Ableton and Traktor to DJ, so not sure if that helps or not but curious on your thoughts.

    Thanks everyone!

    FoKuS.... on what makes you happy!

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