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Logic 9 Library rationalization

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by marksealey, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. marksealey

    marksealey Member

    (Probably like most people's?) my Library tab looks like the attached grab.

    I confess to finding it confusing… What's the difference between Shared GarageBand Sett… and GarageBand? What's in Jam Pack World Music that's not in 11 World, for instance?!

    How can I re-organise these, please?

    Eli's Re-Indexing Apple Loops sample video suggests it is possible to work in the Finder to make changes.

    Is this accepted practice?

    If so, is there a safe way to name and organise my Instruments as I want?

    A thread here; a page in the docs, perhaps?


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  3. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Hi Mark
    The Library graphic you posted shows Channel Strip settings. Click on one and it loads into the left most channel strip in the Inspector. Notice the white halo that appears around the Settings pop up window.

    If you click on the Settings pop up window, you'll see the same list of Channel Strips as appears in the Library. Selecting them from the Library is generally easier as you can see all options as you click on a folder. You can use your up and down arrows to change the Channel Strip setting in the Library. Watch it update in the Inspector or the Mixer if it's open.

    I would leave them as is, but spend time exploring what sounds are available. These Channel Strip presets are generally excellent and allow you to focus on making music versus taking time to create your own. However, you can certainly create your own CS settings and save them.

    Eli's Apple Loops Indexing video addresses content available in the Loops tab which is next to the Library tab. Loops and the Library are two separate sources of content. One is looped musical phrases such as drum loops, bass lines, etc, that you drag to an Arrange track, and the other contains preprogrammed signal chains that load into the mixer.

    In the Loops tab View popup you can select Show All, or select a specific Jam Pack library to narrow your search for a particular type of loop.


  4. marksealey

    marksealey Member


    My bad. Of course it is. Sorry! Still finding my way around :).

    I am keen to do something to make sense of the folder. Is it really best to keep them, even though there (appear to be or) are duplicates?

    The two 'GarageBand' sets, for example?

    Your patience greatly appreciated.
  5. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Hey Mark,

    In terms of managing the channel strip settings that appear in the Library Tab, they are stored in two separate places on the HD. The factory settings are all stored within your main global Library folder here that is at the root level of your hard drive:

    Library ---> Application Support ---> Logic ---> Channel Strip Settings

    I would suggest leaving these alone. Leave them as is. There is a duplicate pathway in your use folder where you have a second set of Channel Strip Settings (as well as all other user settings like plug in settings, sampler instruments, key commands, etc). This is the place that any custom channel strip settings get created and stored.

    So, if you are creating a lot of custom channel strips, you can easily create nested sub folders within this second Channel Strip Settings folder in order to organize things as you want.

    If you just want to reorganize the factory channel strip settings, I'd suggest copying them to this user location and then organizing them as you want there. Yes, this will result in duplicates. But the files are very small. But this way you leave your factory settings intact. This is potentially important wen running Logic updates. The updaters look to this factory content folder in order to update files as necessary. It is important that the updater installers finds things there intact.
  6. marksealey

    marksealey Member


    You've convinced me to leave alone. Thanks!

    But the duplication - esp. the GarageBand sets - is confusing; alien to my 'tidy mind' :).


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