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Logic 9 Lion is a dud?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by michaelo, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. michaelo

    michaelo LUG Emeritus

    So far my experience of Logic on Lion is not stellar. Upgraded to Lion a couple of weeks ago and it runs like a dog. Very sluggish and un-responsive. Sometimes it takes 10 seconds to get it to respond to a click and often it will just not stop playing....
    Further, since the day I upgraded there have been pops and static coming through the system constantly. Everything is up to date.
    I just spoke to a friend who is running a very similar system to me who is experiencing the same problems. Anyone else?
  3. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Not here, Michael. I cloned my 10.6.8 drive, upgraded to Lion and have been working with that since November/December. If anything, Logic performance is slightly better - I get the impression that Lion does a better job of dividing the work up on a multicore machine. I certainly haven't experienced any audio problems, or lack of response such as you describe. At the same time, user experiences do seem to be varied, I have come across other reports of systems not behaving after upgrading to Lion.

    Can you revert back to SL?

    kind regards

  4. michaelo

    michaelo LUG Emeritus

    That's interesting and also perplexing. My system was fine until I upgraded and now Logic behaves like its wading through treacle. I think I will have to revert to SL til I figure out whats up....
  5. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Definitely not worse here.

    Lion has been running on my i5 MBP since it's release last summer, and on a Mac Pro 1,1 a few months after that (once the graphics card was upgraded).

    With regard to Glenn's system description, my systems are also general purpose: Web, mail, Adobe CS5, scanner/tablet, FCPX, as well as audio- Logic, C6.5/HALion 4.5, :D etc.
    MOTU drivers for my modified 828mkll were ready for Lion on day one. Not so with the Ensemble. (Even now, Maestro 2 seems like a step backwards. Presets can only be saved with the Apogee Control Panel in Logic).
  6. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Good here on 3 systems, nothing bad, Logic works perfect, no clicks and pops, etc to report.

    Have you do the obvious: rebuilt permissions on drive, tossed old Logic Prefs and also the ones for your audio card, upgraded your audio card drivers?
  7. Everything is solid here as well, running OS X 10.7.3, Logic Pro 9.1.6 and the latest MOTU universal FW/USB drivers (828mk3). This isn't even a stripped down music system. I have Mail and Safari running in the background, WoW is installed here, Photoshop and Illustrator get used occasionally, Dropbox and Box Sync are live in the background, etc.

    You might take a look in Activity Monitor or Console to see if anything jumps out.
  8. michaelo

    michaelo LUG Emeritus

    I have trashed all the various prefs George. It seems to have helped the way Logic works. So far it is back to normal. However i still have fairly continuous static type noise from the left channel on the MOTU. It makes this even when the computer is shutdown. Seems like an odd coincidence though that 2 separate apparently unrelated things go wrong at the same time.
    Thanks for the help :)
  9. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

  10. Orren Merton

    Orren Merton Logic Samurai / Administrator Staff Member

    Got to admit, everything is peachy here. I prefer the look of some of the older cats, but I've no problem with anything in Lion, Logic or otherwise related. I should mention I've moved to exclusively running Logic Pro 9.1.6 in 64-bit mode.

  11. michaelo

    michaelo LUG Emeritus

    Well so far Logic has been much happier. Those prefs must have been drinking heavily...
    I decided to put the old MOTU 882 Mk2 out to pasture. It clearly has developed a fault in one mic pre which is causing havoc. Today I picked up a new RME FireFace UCX. Wow what a beast. An amazing sound, very clean and hugely featured. I can feel a new album on the way. Thanks for the advice...
  12. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    That's my kind of problem solving solution! :thmbup:
  13. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    Switched to Lion full time last week and love it ( minus the fact that some plugins aren't passing validation). I really like the new full screen mode and have been using my trackpad more often. At least if now if my 4 year old machine takes a dump I'll be able to migrate to a newer Mac with little issue.

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    I did the switch about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Fortunately, Lion and Logic play well together, no problems. Some other software is no longer working (goodbye PT 8 - I guess I should see if there is a lion version, but I think it's called upgrade to PT 9 or PT 10).

    I was forced to switch as I use and enjoy MobileMe, that is going soon to the iCloud. I am not looking forward to this transfer, heard many problems...
  15. LMPaule

    LMPaule Senior member

    Doug, for what its worth, I had no problems with the transfer from MobleMe to iCloud. The bummer is that you lose the remote backup. Thanks for all of your great videos.
  16. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Thanks - that's good to hear you did it without problems. Probably go for it today or tomorrow - want to back up my computer first.

    Re: Videos- you're certainly welcome!
  17. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Follow up: It worked ....perfectly! I am now part of the iCloud generation. Not sure why some people had trouble with it, but I am one happy camper. :thmbup:
  18. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    iCloud works great for me - everything seems to upload and sync faster.

    Re Logic in Lion:
    Have you all noticed what happens when you do a 3-finger slide down on a trackpad? You get a row of all your recent projects along the bottom of the screen - nice!
  19. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Re: iCloud - agreed on the faster sync. That's my initial impression here.

    Re: Trackpads.... I've tried the stand-alone version twice - each time for a month or so. I just can't work as fast with it as with a mouse (in Logic). So it's now abandoned on my desk. I did notice this same feature you mention is available in the dock with a long click on the mouse, although it sounds like it's displayed differently.
  20. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    Yes - displayed as the usual list in the dock.

    I decided on an interesting solution regarding the Magic Trackpad. I'm right-handed, but figured that musicians are used to being ambidextrous, so I swopped the mouse to my left hand and put the trackpad on the right. The left hand was pretty stupid at first, but only for a few days. Now I'm a left-hand mouse whizz and I use the trackpad at the same time. Loads of fun....:synnth:
  21. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    I like that idea. I am also right handed, but in the past often used a
    "lefty" mouse when I shared a work station - easier for me to use that way than to hassle switching. Might give it a go again - assuming I can clear of enough desk space to get both mouse and pad to set ergonomically.....

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