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LION Logic 9 and DIGI 002 compatibility issues

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by Pablo Venuzio, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Pablo Venuzio

    Pablo Venuzio New Member

    I am saving to buy a RME FireWire 800, but need to milk out a bit more use with my Digi 002 and light pipe Presonus Digimax for tracking 12 plus live tracks. I can not find the right combination of drivers to get the Digi 002 to work. I have been trying for several days to get it to work.

    I have a new MAcbook pro with Lion, 10.7.4 as the core installed OS, so I can't use the trick of going backwards to an older OS. Processor 2.4 GHz Core I5, 4 GB Memory.

    I know the hardware all works as a I have an older 2008 MAcbook pro that works but is on its last legs.

    I am surprised with all the Digi 002's out there that I can't find the answers to this issue other then the classic frustration with AVID drivers.
  3. eedubya

    eedubya New Member

    Pablo, I too am having the same issue! I've become so irritated with Avid that I just bought Logic Pro 9, but I can't get my Digi 002 to work! I have the right drivers and the Avid CoreAudio Manager... everything is as it is supposed to be. Except no levels. I would like to get a little more use out of my 002 before spending more money on a new Focusrite interface.

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