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Lion uptake

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by tooloud, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. tooloud

    tooloud Member

    it's been around a long time now, but I'm wondering how many Logic users are enthusiastic about the new OS. I can't yet see any reason to leave snow leopard....
  3. shreddersinc

    shreddersinc Member

    I'm happy at SL, I won't be jump'n this ship any time soon.
  4. rzzz

    rzzz Member

    Well apparently Lion does not play very well with 32 bit plugins in Logic in 64 bit mode (Waves, Antares) - so until they've upgraded to 64 bit I'm happy to stay on Snow Leopard.
    Unless of course a fabulous new Logic appears that'll only run on Lion (not prediction!)

  5. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Sooooo.... How's everyone feeling about Mountain Lion?

    I too am happy & steady on Snow Leopard and not moving til I buy a new Mac (down the road...)
    Anyone excited about this other Lion? :rolleyes:
  6. grr88

    grr88 New Member

    Wish I'd stayed

    I went up to Lion on my old 2 x 2.66 dual-core Xeon Mac Pro and I wish I hadn't. It was doing so well in 10.6 but I wanted "The Cloud".
    Slower in general and I'm fighting Adobe Flash Player problems.

    It's time for a new Mac, I know. This was the longest stretch I'd ever been able to go between machines.
  7. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    I've committed to Lion. Whew, lots of things have been small hurdles but I'm working making $ in it just fine. I'm hoping some of my plugins get updates sooner than later to work correctly in it but am working around that. Over all I like it and I love using my track pad now!
  8. JuanTahnahmahrah

    JuanTahnahmahrah Senior member

    Is Bobcat released yet? Or did it just pass me by?

    Sounds like, in general, people are pleased with Lion's 4th iteration.

    It is almost enough to make me shell out $29, but it has also been a year since Lion's release, and I am thinking Apple's bean counters are thinking it is time to dip into their Sproutlets' pockets for some more loose change.

    Maybe Logic 10, with a long overdue, updated score editor..with the minimum requirement of a new OS.
  9. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    Just make sure you install it on a cloned system and be prepared to spend some time and money in getting everything working. For me I feel like I have an insurance policy now in case my 4 year old mac takes a dump. By that I mean I'll be able to move into a new machine easier.
  10. JuanTahnahmahrah

    JuanTahnahmahrah Senior member

    That, by far, hands down, is the best reason for moving to Lion!

    However, in my case, I have never purchased any Apple with peripheral slots new: went from a G4 dual 867 to a G5 dual 2.3 to a G5 PCIe quad (for first iteration of L9) to a quad Nehalem 2.6.

    Cannot see shelling out $5,000 for a 12 core, or 24 core, unless it comes with a timeshare in Tahiti.

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