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Logic 9 Live use/duet/logic pro

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by musiclover33, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. musiclover33

    musiclover33 New Member

    Hey there. I just bought pro logic studio with duet interface and a MacBook pro. After hearing how great the 2 input duet sounds with guitar and vocals I want to use this for live use. (I play acoustic and sing) the only problem is I have a friend that plays piano with me and there are only 2 inputs on "duet" is there any way to set up another. Input so my friend can play live with me?
  3. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    In the Mac's Audio/Midi Setup you can create an "Aggregate Device" with two or more interfaces. You give it a name and treat it as one bigger interface. Overall latency is those of the slowest interface in the group, so with two Duets nothing would change. I would however ask Apogee if there are any issues with the Duet as Aggregate Device. I've heard of rare occasions where the interfaces didn't like that.

    Before you buy a handful more duets to support a bigband with this system, be aware that there are very good interfaces on the market with more than two inputs ;)

    Btw, if you do not need special Logic features you may consider Mainstage for live playing. Mainstage is part of the package and built for the stage.
  4. musiclover33

    musiclover33 New Member

    first of all thanks alot for the response.. i should have put in before that I didnt want to buy another interface. I only need one more input for a keyboard. I have a soundcraft mixer with fx that has plenty of inputs but ever since i heard the duet with logic the live sound is Incredible! so i was looking for a way connect the keyboard, i mean i dont care if the keyboard is using duet, i just want in to be able to come through my two powered speakers..
  5. musiclover33

    musiclover33 New Member

    i cant seem to find mainstage, you said its part of the logic studio package?
  6. denitronik

    denitronik New Member

    Apogee states that aggregate devices are not supported for the duet (see the apogee web site); I have read many forums were people have had problems with duets in aggregate devices; so beware. But some were able to use a duet aggregated with the apple internal audio hardware.
    This might be your solution. If you can get your duet to work properly with the internal audio than you can plug the keyboard into the computer inputs and use your duet for voice and guitar.
  7. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    You seem to believe that running sound throught the Duet in either direction makes it automatically better. This is not the case. The tone you like comes from the Duet inputs, from the preamps. Sending the keyboard just out through the Duet would not remarkably change the sound of the keyboard.

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