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Logic 7 & earlier Logic 5.5 on Windows setup help

Discussion in 'Logic 7 and older Versions' started by gilesmc, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. gilesmc

    gilesmc New Member

    Hello there,
    I recently dusted off my old Logic Audio PC after it had been out of action for a couple of years (had a couple of kids in the meantime...). The hard drive reported an error and though I did get it to boot once or twice, it wasn't happy at all. So I replaced the hard drive, did a fresh install of Windows XP Pro, reinstalled the sound card (M-Audio Delta 66), the midi interface (an old parallel port MOTU Micro Express) and Logic. I now have a problem when trying to use audio instruments - with the latency on the sound card set a 'reasonable' level, I get lots of crackles when running an audio instrument and some midi - which is what I want to do :( . When I set the latency high enough to stop the crackles, the audio drifts out of time.
    This system used to work pretty well - it wasn't perfect, but I could run a bunch of audio tracks, plugins and some midi and it didn't usually complain.
    If anyone has any ideas as to how I can get this old beast working again I'd be delighted - I don't really want to have to buy a Mac, I have too many computers already. Happy to provide more details on the setup if anyone is interested!
  3. C_Man

    C_Man New Member

    Hey Giles,

    In reading through your post we have very similar situations in dusting off an old logic workstation after having kids, etc. In any event, in trying to solve my problem with latency of virtual instruments, I came across the following sites for optimizing windows xp as an audio workstation. The cumulative effects of these tweaks can be very significant on performance. I have gone through most of them and have reduced, but not eliminated all of the latency. I hope you will find these useful. The basic concept is to elimnate unneccessary features that chew up CPU cycles and make your machine a dedicated worksation/servant of Logic. I consider myself a computer geek, but I was unaware of some of these tweaks.

    The following link has a number of links to webstes which give instructions on how to improve your Audio PC computer performance.


    Good luck.

  4. C_Man

    C_Man New Member

  5. gilesmc

    gilesmc New Member

    Excellent, thanks C-man. I'll have a look at that this weekend, hopefully it will solve some of the problems.
  6. C_Man

    C_Man New Member

    I found that by unchecking the PCAV selection in the AudioDriver1 preferences dialogue, I solved my latency problem. The program initially complained that no driver was loaded to PCAV (I had selected "no driver" to see if I could disable it and get the program to only recognize the ASIO drivers which have always been set up for AudioDriver2. The next time the program booted up, it complained that this song (Autoload song) was previously configured for PCAV and did I want the nice program to convert the song to using all ASIO drivers. Oh yes I did. Problem solved. No further MIDI latency. Thought I would pass it along in case it is any help.

  7. musicianBRusa

    musicianBRusa New Member

    Convert Logic Pro Studio OSX to Legacy Logic Windows

    Hello there.
    Im having problems to recognize the Logic Pro Studio 7 Mac OS on Logic 5.5 Windows.
    I has been recorded on Windows Logic before, imported on Mac OSx Logic Pro 7 to record somethings and now I has only Logic 5.5 on the PC and I need to use that files. Can I reimport or convert it to that legacy version?
    Thank you for the attention.

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