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Logic 7 & earlier Logic 5 for PC run under Windows 7?

Discussion in 'Logic 7 and older Versions' started by usernamesareforsuckers, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Hello!

    Does anyone use a copy of Windows 7 on either PC or via Bootcamp on a Mac?

    I have been trying to get Logic 5 running to use mk I of the EXS24 as mk II doesn't play my mk I instruments correctly.

    Anyway, I would be down with buying a Windows 7 license if I knew Logic 5 would work on my Mac via Bootcamp. Does anyone know if it would? If you have access and would be interested in finding out because you have Windows 7 on PC or Bootcamp (preferably), please message me! Thanks so much!
  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    I can't say for sure, but I remember trying on Vista Ultimate and no luck. I highly doubt it... that said, bootcamp can run XP if your mac is in 32 bit hardware mode, and it can be done there.
  4. paalar

    paalar New Member

    Windows 7 and Logic 5.5.1 works.

    Yes, this works. In some regards better than under XP.
    As I type this I have a 5.5.1 project running on my Win7 laptop with Guru and a couple of EC filterbanks. I use ASIO4ALL for on-the-go listening. Works like a charm.

    The EXKEY works just by plugging it in.

    You have to set the maximum memory that Logic sees to 1GB.
    To migrate your system to WIN7 I have copied all the necessary files on to a memory stick and just copy those to a directory on my HDD. There are a few files that logic puts in the system folder that you have to copy to get it working, but that's easily figured out. Or message me for details.
  5. paalar

    paalar New Member

    ... and just for the record, I used 32bit WIN7 to be on the safe side.. I find that too many legacy programs stop working in 64 bit mode.
  6. paalar

    paalar New Member

    Logic 5.5.1/Bootcamp/Win7 32

    As I've posted earlier, Logic 5.5.1 works under Win 7 32 with 1GB RAM. This is also true under Bootcamp. Setting up Bootcamp, now that's another story! I end up having to manually select what system to boot. But at least it works.
  7. logicjef

    logicjef New Member

    Hello, I'm a new one.
    First sorry for my bad english. My Logic Gold Audio 5.5 perfectly work on my new ACER Aspire 5250 with Windows 7 familly Service pack 1. It read the audio file very well with the PC AV driver which is the EASI DirectSound for me.
    But I use the soft on another PC which is off line, turn on Windows XP pack 3 and equiped with AUDIOWERK 8, so I dont' know if any kind of other big sound cards can work with LOGIC under Windows 7.
    Finally, does someone know if LOGIC work with Windows 8 ?
    Thank you, babye
  8. russhurley

    russhurley New Member

    Logic on PC - feedback 2013

    Hi guys, just to let you know that i installed logic on a few machines recently. I would be interested to know if this is common (yes - there are a few of us left!)

    5.3 xp yes vista yes win 7 yes win 7 64 yes

    5.5 xp yes vista no win 7 yes win 7 64 no

    Hope this helps!

    Keeping the vibe alive... PS is this forum on facebook? would be cool if certain threads were suscribable and sent to your feed - PEACE!
  9. PassiePassion

    PassiePassion New Member

    Logic 5 PC Memory error workaround

    Hello forum members.
    I came by this topic on my google search so joined to add some info.
    Its probably mentioned in another topic as well.
    But i think it suits this topic for those who have questions on how to fix.

    I'm a long time Logic user
    So i'm still on Logic on PC
    I had money to upgrade my pc but thought Logic 5 would no longer work
    So i didn't upgrade my pc cos for me Logic is most important being a musician.
    But i had to buy a newer one recently cos my old one crashed.
    So i got it installed fine on a 2 gb system ,thinking i couldn't even instal it.
    But i did get out of memory popups with some songs and logic crashed.

    Its a pitty that i havent found a way to decompile Logic 5.51 to completely fix it.
    Imho it must be possible to do this cos its a program and computers are dumb.
    How will your program know that your using more than 1 gb ram
    And how does your program know that it cant use more then 1024 ram

    The only way your program would know this is by checking its settings
    So somewhere in the program code there must be a line of text that says 1024 is max that prog can use
    Thus ones we know where that line of text is at the program.
    Then we should be able to change 1024 to 8000
    And then save the program with a decompiler like Olly
    And then we should have a fixed version for all the nostalgic Audio members
    So imho it could be done ,i'm just not smart enough to locate the code line to change it

    In the meanwhile i found a perfect work around that will work on i figure any Windows system
    You can limit the ram that windows sees without needing to take ram out of your pc
    Do this by creating a simple dualboot

    TIP This is how i tested if it worked or not
    If your afraid to change this ,start up an old pc if you still own one.
    I also tested on p3 xp pro sp1 512 ram and changed my ram to 256 to test it

    After you changed it and restart
    Right click my computer and do properties
    Then you can see how much ram xp sees to check if it worked.
    So you dont even need to install Logic to test this
    And if you want the extra line away
    Edit and just delete the extra text
    Save it and you wont get a choice any more at startup ,back to normal

    Here is how you can reduce the RAM that your system sees ,to avoid getting the out of memory error.
    Creating the dual boot on a single partition ,so no format or anything needed

    1 Right click on my computer on your desktop and do properties.
    2 Open tab Advanced.
    3 Go to startup and Recovery ,system startup ,system failure ,and debugging information
    4 click on settings
    5 At => To edit the startup options file manually ,click EDIT = You click edit

    Now your notepad opens the boot file and you can see and edit the text
    - You could save it as backup to another directory if you want to
    But imo thats not necessary because we are only going to add a choice ,not take things away

    This is what i see at my boot text:

    [boot loader]
    [operating systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

    Now you add a second line so xp gives you the choice which version you want to start with at start up
    So dont change anything in the text thats already there !

    Select the bottom line of text and do copy
    Then select the text file and create an empty text line below the existing text
    Then do paste to paste the same textline below it
    Then you add /maxmem=1024 behined the 2nd text line like you see below
    KEEP the spaces the same as the one above it
    Only add /maxmem=1024 to limit the ram it can see

    Then every time you start your pc you can chose

    1 Is your normal pc using all available ram.
    2 Is the exact same xp but then only seeing 1 gb Ram.

    So you dont need 2 partitions with this method
    And you also don't need 2 versions of xp on pc for your dual boot
    Its all the same software you can use yet on 2 you only have less ram
    And dont get the out of memory messages any longer.

    [boot loader]
    [operating systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP for Logic v5" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect /maxmem=1024

    Ones you added the 2nd line of text you do save on the text file
    Then turn your pc off and start it again.

    Then at start you get the choice
    Choose within 20 sec with arrows on your keyboard
    If you do nothing then the first line will be used
    So then your normal windows starts
    If you arrow down 1 step your xp for logic starts with reduced memory

    To see if your memory workaround is working
    Right click My computer on your desktop and do properties
    Then the text will show how much ram xp sees

    * This is not my method.
    A friend told me he learned it so he showed me
    Thus i only share this cos it works like a charm ,All credits to original idea poster
    Dont know his name so sry cant offer full credits
    I just made this step by step text to make it as easy as possible to do :)

    Greets ,PassiePassion :hippy:
  10. russhurley

    russhurley New Member

    Thats useful. The guys at Turnkey found an app to handle the plugins, thus getting over the mem limit. I have never found this to be a problem in Vista though, running 5.3. All the memory shoes up - way more than what an old installation of 5.5 was seeing! So i miss the latest sampler, but there are no other features (i think) i'm missing. As far as i'm aware all the logic 5s have the same 32bit float audio engine?
  11. PassiePassion

    PassiePassion New Member

    I just recently had to upgrade to core duo 3ghz was always working on amd sempron 1,8ghz if i recall well. So even with 1024 ram use for me everything goes a lot faster.

    A friend has an 8 core pc.
    So i will test if logic will get more power with more cores.
    Then who cares about ram if the cores can give the power
    I stream my VSTi most times not recording the sequences to audio ,but keep it on midi.
    And still i can do most things even on my old pc
    Just avoid using too many effect plugins
    Ones i really need a boost i put it on single drop maximizer on it and rec to audio.

    But did not have to do that yet on recent projects.
    Wish i upgraded my pc years before hahaha

    Have you ever tried that VSTi version of the sampler ?
    Emagic EXSP 24 VSTi
    That can at least play the latest exs-24 patches as far as i know :)
  12. russhurley

    russhurley New Member

    As far as i know, as long as you choose pentium instruction set in set-up, The pentium 4 hyper-threading 3.6 is still the fastest for logic. They cost about $10. Of course, logic doesn't use any hperthreading routines at all - and only uses one core. My college says that up until recently, the i5 was the fastest 'per-core' cpu currently in production. If that is still true, i don't know. Don't worry about multiple cores for logic, or Xeons. Just run Norton SI (old version) to get genuine (based on the good old IBM XT! (we're dealing with ancient x86 instruction set here), but it should all work well. Compared to my lastest tests in cubase, Logic still sounds tougher...
  13. dedwood

    dedwood New Member


    In your post you mentioned that there are some files that logic copies to system folder.
    What are these files?

  14. nucky_3000

    nucky_3000 New Member

  15. jayer

    jayer New Member

    Does anyone have a blue XS key dongle for sale for PC logic 5.5.0-5.5.1
    Willing to swap with my xs key blue dongle authorised for 5.5.1 mac and has upgrade key for logic 6/7/8 which works fine.But would prefer the pc authorised dongle.Happy to pay too.
  16. jazzytone

    jazzytone New Member

    That's a nice contribution here, thanks.
    For me, Logic Audio Platinum 5.5.1 WORKS GREAT on Windows 7 64bit.

    1) All I had to do is go in the emagic install folder, select all executables(.exe) and get them to work in "WinXP SP3" compatibility mode.
    2) Also, Logic refused to load with a "USB KEYBOARD" so I had to found an old SP1 keyboard...2$ at flee market.
    3) Sometimes it throw me an error on a text file at opening... click ok and it will disappear. No effect at all on Logic.
    4) EXS24MKII works perfectly, and all plugins too.

    I've used Logic to produce a lot of records with Windows XP and believe me, it runs smooth on Windows 7 64bit.

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