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Logic 8 Logic 8.0.2 crashing on load up suddenly

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by markwhite1980, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. markwhite1980

    markwhite1980 New Member

    I recently bought a imac 27" i5.

    Had Logic working on it fine last week but have now come to use it and it instantly quits unexpectedly.

    I have attached a crash report. I've had to take out a chunk as the filesize was too big. I hope the section includes any symptoms...if not I can load in two parts. Any advice greatly appreciated...I'd rather try this before sending to apple as I could do with a quick response/resolution as I've got projects on the go.

    I have deleted waves and melodyne plugins and components (I think all traces?) as I found a few cases of this causing the problems.


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  3. markwhite1980

    markwhite1980 New Member

    BTW I'm running 10.6.4

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