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Logic 8 Logic 8 Express questions....

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by geddyentwistle, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. geddyentwistle

    geddyentwistle New Member

    using logic 8 express... things going great except a few irritating issues that probably have easy solutions, but I'm stuck

    1) have korg keyboard connected via USB. when playing the korg, the midi events are getting to logic 8 via an external MIDI green track and recorded, but are not audible. During playback, I can see the midi events but not hear them. It seems as if the midi channel is muted somewhere

    2) When working with an audio track that has been copied, when I edit/effect one track, all the copies of the track get edited/effected. How do I de-select or uncouple the copied tracks from each other so that one copy can be edited/effected and not the other copies?

    3) In watching many tutorials, a common statement is that some (i.e. space designer which I do not have) of the reverb plug ins take up a huge amount of resources. Is that a generic reverb issue?? Are there some plug ins I may want to use less/avoid?

    many thanks

  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    What are you trying to trigger with the channel strip it is playing back on? Are you trying to trigger the internal sounds fo the Korg keyboard? If so, do you have the MIDI out of your MIDI interface connected to the MIDI In of your Korg keyboard? Is the Korg receiving the MIDI messages back? Are you monitoring the audio output of the Korg keyboard properly? or are you trying to trigger a software instrument? If so, is the MIDI data being played back on a software instrument channel strip. And is an instrument loaded in?

    There is a difference between "copying" and "duplicating" a channel strip. You want to duplicate the channel strip, not create an additional copy of it.

    In general reverbs take up more processing power than EQs and compressors, etc. There are exceptions of course (i.e.: demanding compressors and light reverbs). The way to optimize processing power is to use reverb on an Aux track and send to that aux from multiple audio and instrument tracks. That way one or two reverbs will be all you need for a large mix, instead of putting one on every track. There are exceptions of course - times when you want/need individual reverbs on specific tracks, but using bus pathways to send to reverbs is the conventional wisdom/workflow.

    Hope this answers your questions.....

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