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Logic 9 Logic 8 to 9 update, New mac, no disc!

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by ec362, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. ec362

    ec362 New Member

    Hi all, I realise this is a regular problem area but can't find this exact combination of factors! I have Logic Pro 8 on my wife's Mac. It's already on the 2 licenses- her and her ex boyfriend who has the discs (lol)- I'm not particularly keen to change version but from the looks of things I'll have to upgrade to Logic 9 if I'm not to start again from scratch price wise? Obv I've got the serial number in the "about logic" box.

    My questions-
    1) Can I migrate Logic 8 across using Migration Assistant and not upgrade, just stay on the Logic 8 I know? If so, will I need to deauthorise Logic 8 first on the old Mac, and will it require only the serial number to set it up on the new one, not the discs?
    2) Is it desirable to run Logic 8 on my new Macbook Pro or should I update to 9 given the nature of new Pros?
    3) If so, will that update work on the new Mac just through migrating 8 and then purchasing the update in app store, tap in Logic 8 serial number, good to go?

    Sorry if these are a bit dumb, still learning the ropes and don't want to shell out any cash on updates then learn it won't work. Thanks for your time
  3. ec362

    ec362 New Member

    (Apologies, just seen upgrades now not possible with App Store etc. ignore that part of the question!)
  4. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Just spend the $200 on the full version of Logic.

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