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Logic 9.1.5 CPU Spike question

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by moemoe, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. moemoe

    moemoe New Member

    Hi guys I got some serious issues here. I know that this topic has been discussed a lot already but I think my issues are somewhat different. I got a MacPro 2x2,8 Quad Xeon with 10 Gb of 800Mhz DDR2 Ram running the latest Leopard and Lion on two different Harddisks. Working on recent projects I constantly came across CPU spikes on core8 in the Logic System Usage Window leading to crackleNoise & DropOuts on both systems. Always thought that it might have to do with Plugins like Trilian, Kontakt Libraries etc... Now I decided to do a test and I loaded like 8 to 10 instances of The EXSPiano Hall Preset and let each play a four note chord progression simultaneously. 7 of the 8 cores go spiking red 1 (Nr 7) is almost never active (same on SL & Lion)

    then I went to my Macbook 13. 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4Gb 1067Mhz Ram running Lion and did the same - surprisingly the Dualcore CPU can handle like 12-14 instances without spiking.

    what´s going on with my Mac Pro? Any Ideas Thank´s in advance.
  3. Xill

    Xill New Member

    That's what some people are discussing in the other thread:

    I've seen threads about this all around the net. It's a problem floating around and in my opinion, at least in some cases, it has to do with the way Logic deals with software-devices audio drivers. At least in my case this seems to be it.
  4. moemoe

    moemoe New Member

    issue resolved!

    hi guys, after speaking to apple support I did a Hardware Test (boot holding down D from the Apple Restore DVD that comes with your mac) and It said that I have a bad Ram Module. removing the broken 4 Gb did the trick and funny enough my mac is running better than ever. the workload in logic is distributed much more evenly than before to all 8 cores.

    I'm getting the ram replaced on friday, so evrything seems good. the only thing i worry about is the fact that the 2x2 Gb 800 DDR2 FBdimm that are broken were replaced in June already where I had the problem that my mac did't recognize all 10 Gb in Activity monitor. hope my mac is no Ram killer because that would suck bigtime. apple support wasn't that helpful either, living in vienna, good apple support is rare and they always want money before even looking at a mac, often not even getting close to the problem.

    anybody know if a broken mainboard or dimm riser could be a sneaking ram killer?
  5. Xill

    Xill New Member

    I just did a memory check on my iMac and it says the ram is fine... Yet I have the same problem with the last core peaking while the others are taking a nap...
  6. Roy_L

    Roy_L New Member

    SATA error can cause CPU spikes

    I was having CPU spikes followed by the "disk is too slow"error even on very small projects, and I tried many suggested solutions.

    In the end I ran the Apple Hardware test (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1509) and it came up with a SATA error. All my drives checked out fine in Disk Utility, and running the project from one of the other drives didn't change the problem. Booting from a different drive didn't work either.

    Despite all that, removing the drive with the hardware test SATA error fixed the problem. I replaced that drive and have not seen a CPU spike/disk too slow error since.

    So run AHT if you are having this problem.

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