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Logic TDM Logic 9.1 TDM - Audiosuite not working?

Discussion in 'Logic TDM' started by crimsonnoise, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. crimsonnoise

    crimsonnoise New Member

    Logic 9.1 TDM seems to work well, except that I noticed that Audiosuite doesn't seem to work. When opening a plugin via Audiosuite one can't change any parameters. When opening the same project in Logic 9.02 Audiosuite works fine. Has anybody got the same experience or found workarounds?
  3. montylmc

    montylmc New Member

    I dont understand how you got this to work well atall-how do you find the graphics? what are you using for Logic core audio-the RME? Please fully list your setup for me
    Also if Audiosuite does not work then it is next to useless for me.
  4. crimsonnoise

    crimsonnoise New Member

    Graphics are fine, except for bomb factory TDM plugs: The controls don't show up when inserting. The workaround is to load a preset, then the controls show up.

    Details of my rig as in my signature. I am using the RME for Core Audio.
  5. crimsonnoise

    crimsonnoise New Member

    Audiosuite is working again here with Logic 9.1.1. Not sure if this was an intended fix by Apple as it was not in the release notes.

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