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Logic 9 Logic 9 crashes with transform operation

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by beljon, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. beljon

    beljon New Member


    I have a set up with a Kontakt choir library. So in Logic 9 I have created a software instrument that has 16 midi channels. In this Kontakt software instrument I have opened 16 choir patches, each with its own midi channel.
    After that I have made 4 groups in the mixer, so that I can record tracks simultaniously. In a lot of these tracks the voices of the different parts of the choir overlap, so I have used the possibility of setting key limits per track.

    But when now I record some tracks simultaniously, Logic shows all recorded notes in each track. Only some of these notes are audible, others are not. That makes sense because of the key-limits. (To be clear: I did change the created aliases into real copies). But obviously that is not what I want when I try to create a score. I would then have to delete all notes that are outside the key limits of a certain track manually. So I thought of the transform window to delete all notes that I don't need in a certain track in one go. So I opened the transform window in 'windows', created a user set, set the conditions to the right midi channel, status = note, used 'outside' for e.g. lowest note c2, highest e3. Then delete selected, then Operate.
    Nothing happens.. You can open the transform window in different windows like in the score and in the event list. I did that, used the created user set there. I also opened it again in 'windows' and tried the same.
    In fact I tried everything, with all kinds of different conditions and operations.
    Strange thing is that midi channel is for instance 4, but in the event list is shown as 1. But I also tried with midi channel 1 then. Still nothing. I also tried this with the group settings off, and recorded only one track with key limits. Then transform as above, and again nothing happens. The worst is: after a few attempts, Logic crashes!
    Still plenty of memory left, that cannot be the problem.

    What do I do wrong??

  3. beljon

    beljon New Member

    Solved. The problem was: when you select pitch in the transform window 2 boxes appear, one for the lowest note and one for the highest. I assumed that the lowest note should be put in the lowest box and the highest in the upper box. That is not so!
    It is the other way around...
    Not very logical, but now everything works!

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