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Logic 9 Logic 9 / Korg Triton Rack - Definitive Setup Instruction

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Lun9rMusic, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Lun9rMusic

    Lun9rMusic New Member

    :brkwl: I hope someone can help.

    My Specs: iMac 2.8GHz Duo, OSX 10.7.3, Logic 9.1.8, PreSonus FireStudio (8in/8out + midi in/out), Korg SP-250 Digital Piano (not USB just midi), Korg Triton RACK (not USB just midi), Rokit 8 Monitors.

    What I am trying to achieve is multiple midi tracks (16) in Logic triggering the Triton simultaneously. Eg. Drum kit on channel 1, bass on channel 2, etc etc...
    Also I would like to change patches on Logics GUI and not have to touch the Triton.
    At present I am getting sound from channel 1 but no others.

    I am connecting my setup like this.
    Korg SP-250 midi out > FireStudio (I/O) midi in
    FireStudio (I/O) midi out > Korg Triton midi in
    Korg Triton L+R Audio Out > FireStudio (I/O) Audio In 3+4

    1. Could someone please break down exactly what I have to do in the Environment window to achieve this? Step by step please or if you have a template, please may I have this.
    2. The Korg Triton will not play back sounds from anything above channel 1, do I have to change anything on the Triton other than the Global Setting GM>Korg?.
    3. Is it possible to play a 'Combi Prog Patch' on channel 1, a separate patch channel 2 etc etc or must it be single program's do this?
    4. Is there anything I need to setup in Logic to read all channels and/or ports?
    5. Can I change banks via Logic?

    I understand this is possibly a mammoth endeavour, if I could be guided through this process I would really appreciate it. My Triton has been pretty much dormant ever since I purchased it. It would be nice to get up and running and I'm pretty certain this is the same for good few other people by the looks of other forums. It would really help a good many.

    Thank in advance. :)
  3. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Try next:
    1. Go to the Logic Settings->Recording and enable "Autodemix by midi channel..." box which will switch Logic into Multiplayer mode so it can channelize the incoming midi.
    2. Open the "New Tracks" dialog and choose Type-> "External Midi" and type 16 in the "Number" box and hit "Create". Doing that you will create a new Multi Instrument (you can rename that Multi to Triton later) in the environment and 16 midi tracks in the Arrange which will be set automatically to channels 1-16.
    3. Arm (turn ON the "R" buttons) of the all 16th tracks in the Arrange (or the number of tracks) you plan to audition or record etc. Bear in mind that the "R" buttons behave as midi "Thru" !
    Hint: Right now I'm away of Logic but as far as I remember you can group the all 16th midi tracks in the Logic midi track mixer. You can open the Group settings and enable the "Record" box for that group. The idea is - when select any of these 16th tracks in the Arrange to arm the all tracks automatically in one go ! Just try it.
    You must find if somebody else has been shared a Multi Instrument with the proper banks for your Korg model or create such banks by yourself.

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