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Logic 9 Logic 9 on Imac

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by mistlabz, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. mistlabz

    mistlabz New Member


    I've got an Imac, Intel core 2 duo 3,06ghz 4gb of RAM and I was using pro tools but since the 8 version it is unusable with the i mac because of Firewire Traffic congestion. Pro Tools seems to refuses to have to FW devices on a same bus cause on the I mac the FW 800 and FW 400 are on the same bus.

    You get error every time you playback, it stops, cannot record or play instruments.... well cannot do nothing. I tried all the troubleshooting as possible and finally I heard that using an I mac for Pro Tools was a mistake, at least a Mac Book pro is a better choice because you have an express card port where you can connect a siig card to get a separate FW bus on a e-sata port for the hard disk.

    So I'm really thinking about buying Logic 9, I saw the new features and its looks like very good. But before buying I would like to know if I can use it on an I mac with my audio Interface (m-Audio Pro fire 2626) on the FW 800 port (via a 800 to 400 cable) and my hard disk on the FW400 port, or even daisy chaining from the FW 400 port.

    Is logic sensible to FW traffic congestion as pro tools ? will I get kind of strange errors or CPU loads with this setup ?
  3. Howard W

    Howard W Member

    I take it Pro Tools 7 worked well with the iMac? What operating system were you using when things were working for you?

    Did Pro Tools 8 require that you upgrade OSX and/or upgrade the Pro Fire Audio driver?

    I would think the Firewire problems were more related to other upgrades you made at or about the same time than Pro Tools itself.

    But it's only a guess as I don't use Pro Tools.

  4. lindensong

    lindensong New Member

    I am running Logic 8 on an Intel iMac (White 24" 2.16GHz 4GB). I specifically bought this model because it has the FW 800 and 400 outlets only to discover (in much frustration) that they run as "either/or". I have a Focusrite Saffire 26 i/o on FW 400, but whenever it was connected my FW800 drive would drop out. I tried daisy-chaining the drive and the i/f (both ways round) - it would work for a while, but the audio would soon fill with nasty glitches - perhaps your m-box would do the same?!

    My solution has been to run the hard-drive on USB. I haven't had any problems with USB data run-outs, but then I am not working it very hard.

    anthony linden jones
    Kurrajong NSW
  5. mistlabz

    mistlabz New Member

    Howard W > Is it surprising you ? I had a Mac OS X 10.5.4 or 5.

    Pro tools 8 require to upgrade to 10.5 at least, the firmware and drivers versions should be the latest ones. And no it's a pro tools issue, I'm digging many forum and I saw a lot of guys who had the same issue with I amc because of the FW buses. You just have on FW bus on the Imac that sharing 800 and 400. I would like to know if there is kind of issue like that on Logic before buying it ? can I get a demo or something ?

    lindensong > The problem is USB drives are very slow on mac. You're audio drops were causing because you had the interface on the FW port and the HD on the 800, it's a traffic congestion so you have to daisy chaining.

    Would like to talk with someone who have an I mac with a FW audio interface and use a audio HD on FW also. Can you run logic properly ?
  6. rzzz

    rzzz Member

    I have the same 2009 iMac model. I run a LaCie 2gb HD from the FW800 port and my MOTU 828mkii into the HDs FW400 port. It works well, with no trouble. The iMac is plenty powerful enough to run my own ~20 track projects (about 10 audio, 10 VIs with, bused Space designers and CPU hungry FX) but the demo projects for L9 that were probably written on an 8 core Mac Pro make it stumble a bit (of course). I don't mind that for the moment, as I don't need to use much more than EQ and Dynamics on my own tracks when mixing. May get an 8 core Mac Pro a bit later.

  7. pjl

    pjl Member

    This is interesting, I will need to do some tests. I've just bought a FW800 drive from which I chain my Apogee Duet (FW400) but I haven't yet done any test playing back tracks from the FW drive.

    I have, however, had no problem playing back all of the Logic 8 & 9 demo projects from the internal (5400 RPM) drive through the Duet with a buffer size of 32.

    This is on a standard 2009 24" iMac.
  8. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    I realize that you did some testing but an extremely low buffer size for playback is not necessary. If you are mixing, the buffer can be quite high. Although it is most convenient to settle at a buffer size that suits your recording and your mixing requirements.
  9. pjl

    pjl Member

    I was just seeing how far I could push the system. I have just returned to Logic and the Mac. I last used Logic on a PC (V5.5) and my last Mac was a 2ci! I wanted to see how low I could push the buffer with a large number of tracks. I plan to use soft synths and guitar amp emulations for recording so low latency is important to me while tracking.
  10. rzzz

    rzzz Member

    earlier I said that the demo tracks were making the iMac stumble - that's not true, its just my not waiting for the plugins to load properly that made it stumble....= feeble brain. The 3.06 GHz imac plays the demos with L9 easily, both cpus (evenly distributed!) at about half at most. I love Logic Pro 9, it's my new best friend.

    As an aside, this iMac is the most stable computer I've ever owned. In three months it has never crashed, even though I've loaded it with about 150 programs and dooverlackys (folk idiom that unwittingly displays my Australianess).

  11. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    One of the few Macs I missed. Remember it very well.
  12. pjl

    pjl Member

    I got it at an educational discount so here in Australia it only cost $13,000. :eeek:
  13. mister bird

    mister bird New Member

    I have Intel iMac 2.93 and I am new to Logic 9.Is it normal whilst playing back audio,that you can't cut audio with scissors, (and other tool functions)you have to hit stop and then do it.It was Ok even with Logic 4 thru Logic 7..any ideas??
  14. RZZZ,
    Do you still use your MOTU 828 with an iMac?
    Still good?

    Just getting an i7 Imac and L9 and am looking for an 8 input FW interface that will take 8 direct outs from my mixer. Wondering about MOTU stuff. You on Snow Leopard yet?

    Patrick FL, USA
  15. rzzz

    rzzz Member


    MOTU 828 mkii works fine with 3.06 Ghz Imac - use Logic Pro 9.1 and Snow Leopard without a hitch - plan to get i7 Imac soon, also
  16. RZ,
    Good news. Hey, can you put line levels into your 828 XLR/TRS combo Inputs ok? I've been playing with a MOTU traveler 3 and if I plug my mixer direct outs into them I get overloads on the meters.
    Pleased with yout MOTU generally? Good sound quality?

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