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Logic TDM Logic 9 / Pro Tools 8 / OS 10.6.8

Discussion in 'Logic TDM' started by jazzjazz, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. jazzjazz

    jazzjazz New Member

    Hello there.
    I'm new to this site - and would love to hear your inputs on following problem:

    I'm now running HD 2 Pro Tools 7.4 on a 8 core Mac Pro, together with Logic 8 in DAE mode.

    Due to new virtual instruments, plugins etc I now need to update to the newest possible version of Pro Tools as well as Logic 9.

    I also have third part software requiring OS 10.6.8.

    As I understand it - the Logic DAE/TDM bridge only works up till P.T. version 8.0.1 which only runs on 10.5.8 - correct?

    Is it possible to run any Pro Tools version 8 on 10.6.8 that will still work with my Logic 9 DAE setup?

    Crossing my fingers for your help on this. :)
  3. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    latest possible working combination for logic tdm is 10.5.8 + logic 9.1.5 + pro-tools 8.0.1cs2.
    You can't use it in snow leopard i'm sorry.
    for snow leopard you need pt8.0.3 and they dropped DAE basically so you will not be able to activate logic tdm properly.
    i'm using both togheter right now and dropped the tdm feature in logic, honestly i'm feeling very comfortable with my solution, depending on how you work you may find it nice aswell.
    check it out here

  4. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    hey you may have a chance to run logic tdm in snow leopard, but you have to test a bit because i don't know about logic wich version you will be able to use.
    Basically there are a couple of Pro-Tools versions still compatible with logic TDM that should works on Snow Leopard, you can try version 8.0.1cs2, and the latest is a pre-release version that was available a while ago on digidesign website, is 8.0.3pr, i should have that somewhere on my backups in case you need that.
    About Logic you should try first with the latest Logic 8 version, then if it works try going with logic 9.0.x, basically the latest version before the 64bit version came out.
    From logic 9.1 i think it will not works anymore, but let us know if you make the tests.
    Also it may be possible that you will be able to update pro-tools up to version 8.1.x and still be able to use logic tdm with logic 9.0.x.let us know.

    EDIT: Ok i've just made a quick test and i can confirm that at least logic 8.0.2 is working in TDM on Snow Leopard 10.6.8 with Pro-Tools 8.1cs2.
    Unfortnately i do not have a 9.0.x logic on my computer so i cannot test it. I've tested with logic 9.1.x and it does not work anymore.
    By the way there are big chances that it will work with logic 9.0.2

    good luck

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  5. jazzjazz

    jazzjazz New Member

    Thanks guys - this is great help!
    Looks like there might be a happy ending then:)

    Will let you know if it works!

    Thanks again
  6. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    well, logic 9.0.2 was full of bugs, so i don't know how much you will be happy even if it works, good luck anyway.
  7. jazzjazz

    jazzjazz New Member

    Just to be sure: Is it the Pro Tools 8.0.1cs2 that works with 10.6.8? Didn't think they were compatible.

    Sorry - just want to be as sure as possible before I jump right into it! :)
  8. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    i think pt version is not relevant, as i said i get logic 8 working with pt 8.1cs2.
    i haven't tried earlier versions. i remember from ages ago that the first version compatible with SL was the 8.0.3pr, but i've reaed somewhere else about people using 8.0.1cs2, so just start from the earlier one and update until it works.
    make another partition and do the test there before wiping your leopard installation, i'm not sure about stability and also logic 9.0.x sucks.

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