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Logic 9 Logic 9 - .sd2 files

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by wonshu, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. wonshu

    wonshu New Member

    Hi there,

    a friend of mine has a really weird and in his case terrible problem:

    He has 10 years worth of field recordings on his drives in .sd2 format. All these have been used without any problems in previous Logic versions both as regular audio regions as well as EXS sampler files. These files were created by a multitude of outdoor recorders most of them using the .sd2 file type. Some of the recorders though didn't add an extension to the filename, which on MacOS was fine as there was a resource fork that told the system what kind of file it is. All these resource forks are intact, these files where never copied to an NTFS or FAT drive neither where they every FTPed or anything. Some older ones originated on OS9 of course.

    Now Logic 9 exhibits two problems with these files:

    Problem 1
    When loading an arrangement that uses EXS instruments that use a soundfile that doesn't have a file extension it will not load the file and Logic doesn't give an error message but just hangs. We have to force quit here. I have used the ProManager (former EXS Manager) and looked at the path written into the EXS instrument file. The audio file resides at the exact path and location that is written into the EXS instrument. But Logic doesn't see it there and hangs.

    Problem 2
    This is a little bit weirder as it doesn't happen all the time. When dragging split stereo .sd2 files to the arrange window, Logic crashes about half the time.

    Is there anyone out there who has had similar bad experiences with .sd2 files and Logic 9?

    Thanks and best
  3. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    Re Problem 1:
    I also use ProManager and I found that I had to add file extensions to many sample files before the instruments would be re-linked.

    Re Problem 2:
    I would suggest trying this: Drag the split stereo sd2 files into the Audio bin window, select them and convert them to aif interleaved.
  4. wonshu

    wonshu New Member

    Even though the path written in the EXS file explicitly states it without the extension? Well, will try!

    The problem with this is, that he won't be able to open any of the old song files, which is in a way unacceptable. And converting 15 years worth of Logic-Projects is a mighty task.

    Thank you for the ideas!
  5. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    Just to be precise here....
    We're talking about sample files, right?

    I just opened an old Logic song from 1996. I had to first open it in Logic 7, save, then open again in Logic 9. The audio files were all split stereo SD2 files (with NO sd2 extension) and Logic found them just fine, so that's not a problem.

    But your problem was with files which were used as samples in EXS24 instruments.In this case, the problem is getting the instruments to work, which means re-linking the instruments to samples, which is the job of ProManager. By fixing the instrument files (re-linking) once only, they will be available in every song from then onwards.

    As for opening old song files, anything before LOgic 5.x has to be opened in Logic 7.2 or earlier and re-saved anyway, which is a mighty task indeed and one which many of us have who have been working with Logic since the early days.
  6. wonshu

    wonshu New Member

    I've used the ProManager. It didn't recognize the files that had no extension. I'm in contact with Andrea to try and work that one out.

    Using EXS Manager on Tiger does work and find the sample so that's what I'll have to do. Unfortunately. It's one solution but not an exactly elegant one.

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