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Logic 9 Logic 9 still a memory swine?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by pfloyd714714, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. pfloyd714714

    pfloyd714714 Senior member

    I recently purchased an iMac quad core i7 with 8G of RAM (with two external Firewire drives--one for audio files, one for samples). I've been simply stunned by the change from my Core Duo MacBook. Songs that used to bring the MacBook to its knees barely register on the new iMac. Unbelievable.

    I'm still using Logic 8.02, largely due to the complaints of memory spikes associated with Logic 9 when it was first released. I'm wondering if that situation has changed with the updates since the initial release.

    My understanding is that certain plugin and/or audio instruments were causing the memory spikes. Aside from Logic and its plugs, I use Toontrack's EZDrummer, Garritan's Personal Orchestra, and PodFarm from Line 6. That's about it.

    Any thoughts on the wisdom of upgrading?

  3. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    Yes they are still there, but I doubt seriously that you'll have many issues if that's all you're going to be running. Plus, when in 64 bit mode some things are improved. I'd say go for it as there are so many great new things in 9. Plus, you'll still have 8 on our system in case you have problems here or there. I just used 9 this week to completely fix 6 songs of live drums using flex time. it was truely amazing and worked as good if not better than PT's elastic time. I also use the import settings feature a lot when working on multiple songs of a project. You can see all the enhancements here:
  4. bobdemaa

    bobdemaa Senior member

    I've never had issue with these "memory spikes" Have been using L9 since the day it shipped. I always run the current versions of everything.
  5. eartoyz

    eartoyz Member

    I have many memory issues with L9 in 32 bit mode. It seems as if it holds samples from previous songs, as I close one and open another I will get the low memory message and often times the project will just disappear or I won't be able to save it.
    If I restart logic it's all good.
    64 bit mode is a whole other game, I think many users are going to find what was bogging their projects down was the 4GB limit.
    L9,Omnisphere,Stylus,and Trillian show no signs of sluggish behavior exhibited by L9 in 32bit and I haven't yet had low memory notice in 64 bit mode.
    I just hope all the third party plug-in developers get on board soon, because there are issues with the 32bit bridge with some of the ones I use.

  6. wonshu

    wonshu New Member

    Oh yes, this is a most annoying bug, I know this one all too well.
  7. bobdemaa

    bobdemaa Senior member

    Are you guys using Omnisphere or Stylus? I've only seen something likethis when using those plug-ins.
  8. mmm42

    mmm42 Senior member

    Yes, that is actually a feature: samples from the previous song are hold in memory for the next song, because in many, many cases these samples can be reused which shortens the load time significantly. Once the song is loaded, the unused samples are released.

    But yes, if you are pushing the system to the max, you might have to relaunch Logic (or switch to 64-bit)
  9. cyril

    cyril Member

    are you FW disks FW400 or FW800 ?

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