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Logic Studio apps Logic as MainStage sequencer

Discussion in 'MainStage' started by Roman Che, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Roman Che

    Roman Che New Member

    Hi all !
    This is my first post here.
    I have a questions:

    1. I want to use Logic as sequencer for MS - on live performance. It a good idea or not ?

    2. Someone have experience like that ? Logic + MS ? This is stable configuration ?

    3. If "1" and "2" answers is "No" - please say why, and what you can recommend me as alternative...

    Thanks very much for possible answers !
  3. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    I've never done this, I'm not sure what you want to achieve by running both simultaneously. It is possible to do such.
  4. Roman Che

    Roman Che New Member

    MainStage has not internal sequencer. Also MS can not play MIDI files (i hear about basic feature, but you need completely quit MS for stopping)

    Of course is Playback plug-in there, but this is a not what i want.. Most sequencers that i have tried - looks bad.. (i mean AU sequencers) In another words i've been looking for a sequencer which can work as AU plugin, yet be flexible,and able to switch sequences on the fly - but does not found.. Looks like the Logic is the best option. I've heard about Logic was used for live concerts, and so I want to know - someone used Logic for live?
    I would want to build scheme, that Logic signals sent through the IAC in Mainstage - for Bass and Drums. All others MS instruments will be played live.

    This is a good idea or not ? I ask because i want to save a lot of time for setup, programming controllers, and testing.
  5. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Some members here have used Logic live - and it can work well for that. I have not.

    I've not tried to use MainStage with a sequencer. Not sure what the results would be.

    I have converted MIDI files in Logic to audio files and had them play successfully in the playback plug-ins. Not clear to me why this would be a negative for you.
  6. Roman Che

    Roman Che New Member

    It's not negate.. Just don't like unchangeable things.. Of course - using audio backtrack is nice thing, stable, but you can't change anything in track right now. You need to change that in Logic before, then bounce to track, then put files in folder, then restart MS and MS re-analyse files.. And Then - you can play again. For example you want to change some drums, make hat brighter, or change kick sample.. With Logic played in back - you just open Ultrabeat in MS and change what you want.

    I'm not sure, but MS will played Playback files from disk or loads in the RAM first ? For example - i need 5 tracks. All they will be played from RAM, or this is disk reading function ?
  7. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    True - you would have to go back, edit in Logic, bounce file and put into MS.

    You'd have to find out what works best for you. Most people seem OK with converting MIDI tracks to audio, but that may not be the best for your music. Are you aware that you can change patterns in UltraBeat with MIDI notes? Not sure if your music is suited for this.
  8. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Uh, just wondering, since Mainstage IS Logic without a sequencer, why you would wanna do this?

    That said, Madonna used Logic as a main playback system live, as did Seal, just to mention a couple of major artists.

    As far as using Mainstage as a "tone generator" for another DAW, I have a pretty big name producer who uses Protools and uses a separate computer with Mainstage just for Logic's synths and EXS sound libraries he's used for years, and it works perfect.

    So, there you go, some feedback ;-)
  9. Roman Che

    Roman Che New Member

    Yes, thanks. UB is pretty good as drum machine with sequencer and patterns, but Bass programming - is hard there (no sustain, no legato). This is why i need sequencer.

    1. Of course, is the 1st way - using just a Logic directly, right ? But MS has a great UI - and you can do all: put any elements where you want, stretch it to needed size, you always see what you press now, or where is knob position. This is really nice thing. You can change synth presets along changing Sets or Patchs.. And this all on the screen.

    One thing I am missing - the Pages. Pages in MS. 1 Page - is for one controls layout another page - for second layout..

    You have no sequencer. This mean: you can not change anything in drums sounds until you change it in Logic - and then bounce back to MS, and MS need some time to reanalyze, before loading track to Playback.. I just want use Logic as sequencer (it need for MIDI sending only - not any others audio) - this is more flexible way, but I have a doubt - about the stability of such a scheme..

    Hm, nice. This mean Logic is pretty stable for live using.

    One moment - "separate computer" - but i want to try using Logic and Mainstage on same computer. Logic takes only 200 Mb in RAM. I have the 8 Gigs on my MBP. I think all would be nice..
    Thanks !
  10. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    I remember trying this once before and it didn't work: Logic thought it was using the one serial, and Mainstage was also using it, so it wouldn't let both apps run at the same time.

    I would test this out for you, BUT I have a huge amount of plug-ins, and one of the 2 will try and redo the AU validation thing, and most likely screw up the other, so I'm afraid I won't, sorry.

    I'd still suggest just working in Logic. You can make screen sets and environments etc. Seems to me to use both would be real PITA IF it even works.

    just my 2 cents...
  11. Roman Che

    Roman Che New Member

    Thanks ! But i have to started it already !
    First time was a Midi Loop pop-up and MainStage die. Then i have found - MIDI loop is Logic-side trouble - then i go to Logic environment and make that:
    i disconnect keyboard input from "SUM" and reconnect it to "IAC Logic" - i use it as command port (MS send signals to "IAC Logic" and receive from "IAC Seq") Now i try to learn how works the touch tracks. Now i have Logic and MS worked together on 1 machine
  12. Roman Che

    Roman Che New Member

    Ok thanks for your opinion ! Logic environment building looks really hard for me. But is interesting..
  13. Roman Che

    Roman Che New Member

  14. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Well, it depends on what exactly you are trying to do.

    With Logic you can change songs by having a bunch open (Madonnas' guy did that, just selected the next song, which was loaded with other tracks, tempos, sounds, etc). So you created your Logic song, then loaded them up into Logic, and go for it.

    I would want to talk a bit to get an idea of exactly how you wanted to do things. Forums and emails take WAY too much time, and often subtleties are missed that are conveyed by voice, plus is saves me hours in typing time ;-)
  15. Roman Che

    Roman Che New Member

    georgelegeriii, thanks ! Where you get info about this guy who work with Madonna's live ? Is the page or link ? i want to read about his workflow detailed .. if this page exist..

    You right, writing posts isn't a fast option, but my English skills is really "ooooon the waaaay". I'm slow as hell. :/ I'm afraid but this would be a (as you say before, but i found what that mean) - it a real PITA.
  16. Roman Che

    Roman Che New Member

    ... One more reason why i don't want to drop out MainStage - is our keyboard player, who say "is a beautiful soft, better than any hardware synth i ever used before!!" - very love MS interface in performance mode. I don't know - can i made the same beauty in Logic? How to switch patches.. Sets... grrr. Never see any tutorials about that.
  17. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Sound on Sound magazine had a whole article on it... but I'm unable to locate it. Looked all over their site... anyone else know this article regarding Stuart Price and Madonna's tour setup?
  18. Roman Che

    Roman Che New Member

    georgelegeriii may be you mean that ? That what i have found..

    p.s. oops this is wrong article not what you mean
  19. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    No, that's not it. I DID already google it, used a number of keywords, and went to SOS's web site, so anything you might come across I most likely already did.

    that is not the article I meant... it was in sound on sound, and went into detail, also they interviewed Bob Hunt for Apple/Emagic. I just can't locate the thing...
  20. Roman Che

    Roman Che New Member

  21. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Uh, like I said I already looked for Stuart Price on SOS and that is NOT the article I am talking about. Sorry. It's WAY more detailed on the actual tour rig, how it was used, Logic, etc. this is a production promo on the guy, not even close to the info I'm talking about.

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