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Logic 9 Logic Audio Output Stops ?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by snds2good, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. snds2good

    snds2good New Member

    On Logic 9.1.1 & Leopard 10.5 .. Logic randomly stops outputting audio. Whether playing a sequence or stopped with me playing through any Logic instrument.. i can see Midi input & the instrument flashes with incomming midi but output stops...
    As soon as I hit stop & hit play again, system works fine for anywhere between 5 & 30 seconds..
    Using an RME Raydat card into Protools. But Problem exists with RME off & outputting to the Mac Speaker .. Already Reinstalled Logic & Bumped up to SL but problem exists.. removed all plugins from AU folder...

    Any thoughts , very confusing..:confused:
    Thanks Tom...

    Intel 2.8 8core/10GBram/SL/Logic 9.1.1
  3. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    This sounds a bit like a MIDI loop or a crazy MIDI device or both.

    Install Midi Monitor and check if there are a lot of data running through your Mac.
  4. snds2good

    snds2good New Member

    Damn, awesome ! seems like that's it.. my PC88 is sending out a ton of continuous mod commands that's hickupping logic.. still testing.... things seem to run ok without my pc88 plugged in.. couldn't really see all that on the logic incoming... now i gotta figure out if my controller is fried or if I can filter this crap somehow...
    Thanks Peter !
  5. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    I think that you have a midi loop with your controller. If you have your midi out being sent to your midi in, through logic, you have created a midi loop. Try this: remove the midi in from your keyboard.

    Still having the issue?

    IF not, you have a midi loop going, that could be caused by the midi interface or Logic.

    If it is still making tons of random midi garbage, You might want to reinitialize the keyboard itself... the thing might be wigged out and need to be reset.

    Let us know,

  6. snds2good

    snds2good New Member

    Yep Kurzweil PC 88 was outputting Mod junk...

    Yep That was it... Kurzweil PC 88 was spewing out a ton of Modulation controller info... as soon as I turned off the PC88 all was fine.... I filtered the Mod out of the Midi output and all is Fine now.. Who would have thunk it .. :)
    Thanks all...

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