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Logic X Logic Colors??

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Boingo7, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. Boingo7

    Boingo7 New Member

    Is anyone here as annoyed as I am with the Colors in LogicX now. They are terrible and look like a crayon box. I have several templates including a massive Orchestral Template that was all perfectly color coded, but when LogicX came out, it messed up everything. And you can't change or alter the colors at all (unless I am missing something. I have spoken to numerous other composers who all feel the same way. Why can't Apple stop changing and eliminating things that used to work just fine. Or at least give us the option to use the 'Old or Classic' views, if we choose. I have spoken to Apple numerous times about this and sent a ton of email as well, and they don't really seem to give a shit about it. They better start listening to the customers that have supported them through thick & thin for over 30 years and pay attention to what the Pros really need. Like everyone else, their focus mainly seems to be on IOS now and us Pros are getting left out.
  3. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    The complaints about colours started coming almost 2 years ago, just after Logic X was released. It's pointless complaining here though. Send feedback to Apple directly:

    Many of us have done this and maybe one day, the Logic developers will start listening....
  4. Boingo7

    Boingo7 New Member

    Thanks Colin. Nice to know that I'm not alone on this:) As I mentioned above, I have called them and told them about this, as well as posting issues from within Logic itself, as well as countless emails, and all to no avail.
  5. bayswater

    bayswater Senior member

    Maybe it's all in what you're used to, but I'd say X is an improvement over 9 -- better contrast. If anything, I'd like a little more, and more ability to customize the colours. That way, those who prefer a mix of light grey on slightly less light grey will be happy too ;)
  6. Maart

    Maart New Member

    I really hate the colour choices in Logic X. I find it really hard to see the beats ruler for a start, and these are all colours that I would not want to be associated with in real life. I often revert to Logic 9 for ease of use. Sure, Logic X is truly fantastic, but the lack of this basic feature makes it harder work sometimes. I don't suppose anyone from Apple could care less or even reads these notes from people who depend on their product...
  7. angelonyc

    angelonyc New Member

    I totally hate the colors, Yosemite had a different color preset for my Gateway monitor, so it is excessively dark.. Logic is is very dark.. I can't even see the progress of a contact instrument loading..

    That should have been one set of parameters they let us change.. Some of us older Logic Pro users, had developed quite elaborate coloring schemes to see what was happening in a song.. alas.. that is gone..
  8. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    As I suggested above, send feedback to the Logic team.
    I've seen many people complain about this on other forums too. You could of course try one of the mods that are available if you're really frustrated. Head over to Gearslutz and check out the threads there about "themes" or "GUI's" e.g.:

    Be warned though - make a backup of your Logic app before you try any mods as you could easily break it....

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