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Logic 7 & earlier Logic Express 7.0 - Hopeless?

Discussion in 'Logic 7 and older Versions' started by RMacar, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. RMacar

    RMacar New Member

    I have Logic Express 7.0 which was purchased several years ago, but just opened last week. I'd like to crank out a project on this software, but can't even get through the tutorial. The computer is a G4 mirror door dual 1.25, the interface is PreSonus Firebox, and the keyboard is a Roland A-90ex. In the tutorial MIDI Recording section (p47) I'm supposed to be able to play a solo on one of the tracks, but it doesn't work- no sound, no data recorded. Checking the Environment window, click & ports, everything looks correct, but the MIDI doesn't get past the switch. When I play the A90 keyboard, the screen keyboard shows the notes being played and the numeric values show up in the monitor object, but no sound. Clicking on the switch changes the white lines to black in a number of ways, but still no sound. What am I missing?
  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    What kind of track are you playing back the data from? Is it a software instrument track? Is there an instrument loaded in?

    Or is it an external MIDI track? If so, is the port and channel set correctly to trigger your connected device the track is routed to? Are you monitoring the audio output of that connected MIDI device properly?
  4. RMacar

    RMacar New Member

    Thanks, Eli for responding. I'm just trying to get through the tutorial which is in the "Getting started with Logic 7" manual, which came with the software. I thought this would be a good way to learn the basics of the program and get a functional set up going. They provide a tutorial song to manipulate the features of the program. The tutorial works fine, the tracks play, and I'm able to try the features as directed until I get to Chapter 5, third section called "MIDI Recording." Under the heading "To start recording" it says: "1. Select the ESI-4 track list entry by clicking on it. Simply selecting the track will arm it for recording. 2. Play your MIDI keyboard; you should hear the lead sound. You can start playing the cycle, and do a little bit of experimenting on the keyboard while listening." At that point, nothing happens. There is supposedly a sound loaded onto track ESI-4 that my MIDI keyboard is not triggering. I'm at this point just fishing around in the manual to try to stumble on a solution. If I can't get this going fairly soon, I'll probably load the Cubase software that came with the Firebox and see if I can get something going with that. Any ideas?
  5. Barnaby Bass Player

    Barnaby Bass Player New Member

    Hi, I cant directly answer your question, but I too am running Logic (Express) 7, on an old G5 powerpc MAC. I have found Martin Sitter's book "Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7" quite helpful. It was published in 2005 but I easily found a copy. Try Amazon, eBay! ISBN number is 0-321-25614-X
    I think that running legacy versions of stuff is fine... if it worked back then, there is no reason it should not work now! But the caveat I think is that the software, the computer, the interface ALL needs to be legacy, ie a combination that was functional at the time. Its when we try to combine old with new that problems arise (for example current Intel-based Macs wont run powerPC based stuff, no doubt).
    Also, Logic is EXTREMELY difficult to get to grips with, but well worth persuing, I am sure you will sort your problem out!!
  6. RMacar

    RMacar New Member

    Thanks. Barnaby for the book recommendation. I'll look for one. I've been functioning adequately on this project. I'm being careful not to try anything elaborate, but just get this project done. I'm enjoying working on the program and will definitely keep using it. I was only able to upgrade one bump to 7.0.1 because it's an academic version. That was disappointing and makes me a bit nervous. I would have felt better if I was on the last version of 7. I've learned that my computer can use version 8 Pro, so I'm going to pick up a copy of that soon and keep this rig operational for a while. I'm assuming 8 will have more loops and other internal resources.
  7. Barnaby Bass Player

    Barnaby Bass Player New Member

    Good Luck!
    One thing that I came up against in Logic 7 Express: in the Sample Editor Window there is no PENCIL TOOL displayed. There are some old Forum discussions about this, with no definitive answer that I can find. I think that we have to take it that Logic 7 Express simply doesnt have PENCIL TOOL in this Window. Shame, so instead of "drawing out" clicks and pops with Pencil Tool, I guess you have to replace a segment with Silence instead (as avail in Editing drop-down in this Window). Sitter's Book does not clarify this, and I think some people have been driving themselves mad trying to find a non-existent bug!
    All best!
  8. Jeffro

    Jeffro New Member

    Eli hit the nail on the head, standard MIDI tracks must be mapped to both an input midi port and an output, either a physical midi out to an external hardware synth or to an internal virtual instruments.

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