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Logic 9 Logic file export to OMF and Open TL do not work?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Fusion Head, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. Fusion Head

    Fusion Head New Member

    Hi folks, I am testing out the different file export options of Logic 9, and not all of them seem to work properly.

    The export to "Audio Files" seems to work well. However, to rebuild the project in another application requires manually importing the files into the application. All tracks seem to sync properly if you line all the start points up.

    Export to "AAF" format also seems to work. I can reopen the project directly in Logic, with all tracks lining up perfectly.

    However, exporting to "OMF" seems to corrupt the audio files. Upon reopening the OMF file in Logic, the audio files are all white noise. Am I doing something wrong?

    Exporting to "Open TL" also has problems. When trying to open the file with Logic, it says that the project file is a different sample rate than the audio files and therefore it can't open it. It doesn't make sense that the Open TL file would have been exported to a different sample rate than the accompanying audio files, does it?

    Finally, what do you feel is the best standard format to transfer projects between different applications? I am assuming OMF is the most universally acceptable, is this correct? Or would most other apps like ProTools and Cubase, etc., also accept AAF formatted projects for example?

    Any help much appreciated! FH
  3. David51

    David51 Senior member

    Hi, I just wanted to point out that a LOT has changed since Logic was designed, the Music xml info in the Wikipedia will give you tons of interesting things about these formats, and what has taken their place. Don't be fooled by the fake Apple xml for FInalcutPro-it's a hybrid useless with any other program.
    The best file format to use for this would be xml 2 or xml 2 compressed, but few DAWs can handle those now,it may take another century before there is any consideration for us users.
  4. Ken Adams

    Ken Adams Member

    This may or may not be very helpful, and by your post it doesn't seem like you are doing anything "mission critical" at this time but testing exports then reopening in Logic. Correct me if I'm wrong. Also, I haven't had the need to use these export formats in projects I've worked on for some time... but....

    Regarding OMF. I had a similar a few years back exporting OMF from CUBASE in to Logic 7 I think. Cubase's export created useless audio files with white noise as you described. My workaround was to export the OMF file without the audio files. This was an option (and still is I think) that essentially creates a template for the project. Then I just put all the audio files in a directory by themselves and put them in an Audio Files folder in my new logic project. Then imported the smaller OMF and it worked well enough for me to take all new recordings and editing from there in Logic.

    Hope that helps a little.
  5. Howard W

    Howard W Member

    This is all Logic and nothing to do with Cubase's OMF export, I did extensive testing on this trying to get OMF's to work for the University Media Arts dept.
    Logic trashes the header bits, 100% when importing 24-bit "Wav" files and only sometimes on 16-bit Wav files. This is actually an old Logic bug.

    The OP saved from Logic and imported back into Logic and did not go through any other program and still had the white noise problem.

  6. Ken Adams

    Ken Adams Member

    Thanks for that, Howard. I was not aware of that. Kind of pointless to claim the feature if it don't work after all this time. Seems like someone at Apple might oughta' take a look at that....

    Guess we'll have to file that under "fail" for now. :brkwl:
  7. Fusion Head

    Fusion Head New Member

    Thanks to all that replied. So we know that OMF export doesn't work entirely, Open TL doesn't seem to, and FinalCut/XML probably not either.

    I am in fact potentially needing to share a Logic project at some point in the near future, so would still like your advice in case the other person is not using Logic. So of the remaining choices, if you needed to share a Logic project with ProTools, Cubase or Sonar for example, would you simply export as "Audio Files" (which requires manually rebuilding the song at their end) or might any of those applications support the AAF export format?

    And whatever happened to audio exchange in Broadcast Wave Format... did that idea die?

  8. Ken Adams

    Ken Adams Member

    Well, the only thing I would still suggest trying is essentially the reverse of the workaround that I successfully did from Cubase to Logic.

    My workaround was to export the OMF file without the audio files. This was an option (and still is I think) that essentially creates a template for the project. Then I just put all the audio files in a directory by themselves and put them in an Audio Files folder in my new logic project. Then imported the smaller OMF and it worked well enough for me to take all new recordings and editing from there in Logic.

    So try creating the OMF file w/out the audio files, (uncheck the "include audio" checkbox in the OMF export dialogue box. Then provide the audio files in a directory and see if that works in the destination program. It should basically give you the basic arrangement of regions so you're not starting from scratch. Others here with more export import experience please weigh in.
  9. David51

    David51 Senior member


    David51 here again, would the score be transfered as well as part of the template?
  10. Howard W

    Howard W Member

    If you follow Ken's suggestion OMF will work, with one exception, ProTools needs an add on package ($) to read/write OMF. Newer versions of Both Sonar & Cubase should work fine. OMF 2 supports fades as well

    None of the formats supports plugins, channel eq, mixer settings....etc.

    It almost easier to export full length audio files and an accompanying MIDI file as the mix will have to be set up each time.

    AAF is similar to OMF in that it includes MIDI as wall as audio but unless you and you client are familiar with the export/import oddities of each program it's simpler to go with full length audio files.

  11. leytonnz

    leytonnz Senior member

    OMF stuff has been broken for so long in logic that i just habitually do full length bounces of tracks ( from the same starting point) and export the midi file..
    using offline bounce this is less painless than you'd imagine.
  12. Fusion Head

    Fusion Head New Member

    Thanks to everyone for the advice. I will likely just use full length audio and MIDI track exports as suggested, unless the other person is using a version of Sonar or Cubase that supports OMF.

    In fact, in cases where the other studio is only asked to provide a few overdubs to a project, it might also be a good strategy to simply bounce a rough stereo mix at the bit depth and sample rate I want them to provide the overdub tracks in. This way, they are only needing to load up a stereo track into their DAW, instead of multiple separate tracks. They won't have the ability to rebalance individual tracks in this case, but that might not be a big issue for them. Does this sound like a reasonable approach?

  13. garethJones

    garethJones Member

    Also in 9 the "Export all tracks as Audio" is not correctly exporting all tracks (it used to export all tracks in Logic 8) This is gonna be very time consuming as I always like to "export all tracks" at teh end of projects to create a Multi track Master
  14. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    What problems are you experiencing when exporting, Gareth? Can you be specific?

    kind regards

  15. garethJones

    garethJones Member

    Not all tracks being picked up for the export. But I tried a different song afterwards and it worked fine. Will be trying another song today.
  16. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    The white noise occurs when using the UV22HR dither option.

    Logic 9 projects exported to OMF open without any problems in DP 7 and Cubase 5 if the Logic project is exported with:
    1. No dither selected.
    2. POW-r #1 dither is selected. (I didn't test the other POW options).

    That's a shame as my impression is that the Apogee dither should be the best option.
  17. BKKJohn

    BKKJohn New Member

    Has there been any progress on this?

    I have 12 songs built in Pro Tools HD some 40-50 audio tracks, plus lots of MIDI. I need to go to Germany to record vocals, and it turns out the studio I have to use is Logic-only. The engineer told me "Just bring WAV files", but I want to be able to create minitor mixes on the fly and not mixdown before I go. So I have two concerns:

    1. If I export an OMF, will it get into Logic okay? It does work bringing them back into PT, though I lose automation and track names.

    2. I don't know what features Logic has for doing multiple takes. In Pro Tools has a Loop Record mode that creates a new region ifor each pass, but all in one sudio file. If I lose my region data, then I will have only the audio file, which I will have to cut up manually. Multiply this by 12 songs and 5-10 loops per song, anmd it becomes a big job.

    Any ideas? My inclination is to find a PT studio.

    Thanks for any help on this.
  18. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    I've consistent success importing OMF files into Logic 8 and 9 from DP7 and Cubase 5. All files/regions are positioned where they belong.

    Track names are preserved with an OMF import.

    AAF is another good choice as it will try to preserve automation data.

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