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Logic TDM Logic hates some RTAS plugins

Discussion in 'Logic TDM' started by zerobeat, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. zerobeat

    zerobeat Senior member

    If any Native Instrument RTAS plugin and Autotune RTAS is in the Digidesign plugins folder, then Logic crashes a few seconds after launch. Autotune TDM (like about 60 other TDM plugins) can exist no problem.

    And many other RTAS plugins can exist fine (all Digi, Universal Audio, Ivory, TL etc..) in that folder.

    But Logic doesn't even use RTAS, so why should Logic even care about these?

    ProTools software works 100% perfectly with every plugin.

    The temporary solution is to move these plugins to the disabled folder, but that's a hassle because ProTools HD is used also in this rig half the time and then we have to move them back and forth....

    Logic Pro 9.02
    ProTools HD 8.01cs1
    UAD-2 Quadra PCIe
    OS 10.6.2
    new MacPro 8core from December 2009.
  3. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    yes the main problem is that when you load TDM it loads also RTAS plug-ins even if it can't use them.
    For example if you want to use rewire you have to move out "digirewire" from plug-ins else you cannot use it in logic
    You can assign a class to all rtas plugs so you can easily move out and in from the folder
    As alternative you can also do a script that automatically moves plug-ins and launch logic/pt with one click

  4. zerobeat

    zerobeat Senior member

    Never before has Logic had a problem with RTAS plugins in all my installs in the last several years. But I did find a very low-tech solution. All I have to do is put the RTAS plugins in a subfolder, and leave that subfolder in the main Digidesign Plugins folder. So ProTools recognizes them just fine, but Logic doesn't crash (because I guess it can't see inside subfolders?????)
  5. crimsonnoise

    crimsonnoise New Member

    Interesting. How do you know which ones are the RTAS plugins? They all have the .dpm extension.
  6. zerobeat

    zerobeat Senior member

    First I discovered which plugins were causing the crash, and they all happened to be RTAS plugins. But not all RTAS plugins were causing the crash. While it's true that they all have the extension [.dpm], I just know for a fact that all Native Instruments plugins are RTAS (they don't make TDM), and that Antares actually labels their plugins as either "TDM" or "RTAS" to differentiate them.

    I have subsequently installed FXPansion's new synth package (again, I just know that they're all RTAS because they don't make TDM plugins), and they also cause the crash, so I had to deal with them the same way.

    Side note: It turns out that the Autotune TDM plugin also contains the RTAS code inside (so I can use both RTAS and TDM inside ProTools even if I only have the Autotune TDM plugin installed). But that TDM plugin, even though it contains RTAS code, doesn't cause the crash like their RTAS-only plugin does.
  7. octatonic

    octatonic New Member

    Write an applescript that you can run that copies the plugins between folders and then launches Protools and another one that copies them the other way and launches Logic.
  8. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    moving plug-ins into a subfolder does not change anything for me.. they are still loaded.
    btw i do not have problems launching logic with all rtas actives

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