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Logic 9 Logic Issue/help would be dope thnx

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Lu_shush, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Lu_shush

    Lu_shush New Member


    i'm having this issue where I'll record some audio into logic, then when I've finished recording, the recorded file "jumps" back a count. It's kinda hard to explain properly I guess, it's kind of like "reverse latency". For example, if I finish recording something then move the audio file one count (one little tick mark) forward, then the recording is on temp, as recorded, but if I don't set the file forward, then it's offbeat.

    my signal chain is

    Instrument > Mixer > Pacifica Preamp > Lynx Aurora AD/DA converter > AES16e Card/computer/Logic/ > Bryston 3b > Monitors

    I have the Aurora set to 48khz as well as logic and the AESe Card, I've never had latency issues.

    I bought the computer from some cat who used it in his studio previous to me so I thought maybe he just has some weird settings

    I know it's not really a "BIG ISSUE", but it's kinda driving me nuts, subconsciously it's putting me off.

    Thanks in advance
    I'll gladly answer any questions to help resolve this

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