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Logic 7 & earlier Logic platinum 4.0 updates

Discussion in 'Logic 7 and older Versions' started by smyth, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. smyth

    smyth New Member

    If anyone can help out with Logic platinum 4.0 updates that would be great. cheers :brkwl:
  3. Pands

    Pands New Member

  4. Pands

    Pands New Member

  5. smyth

    smyth New Member


    Hey thanks very much. those links are very buried. Is for windows actually but the original disk (4.0) is hybrid so the updates may be too. Tho i haven't had too much success with handling the .Bin file which they are..? if you have any tips. cheers for that..
  6. Pands

    Pands New Member

    Oh, those are just files that are compressed and need to be decompressed. So, download the files, and then open them with any standard decompression program (e.g. StuffIt Expander on the Mac, or something equivalent on PC). That'll give you the corresponding installer which you can then run.

    I hope those updates will work for your PC, too.

  7. russhurley

    russhurley New Member

    pc or win???
  8. smyth

    smyth New Member


    thanks for the reply.
    Those files.. thanks pands, but no luck unzipping them on a pc platform. definetely only mac i'd say.
  9. cyberish

    cyberish New Member


    does anybody has an idea where to find the old Logic Audio 2.5 files? ( only original version, no crack!)

    thank u
  10. JuanTahnahmahrah

    JuanTahnahmahrah Senior member

    I have the original 3.5 and 4.8 versions (could list on ebay for sale), but not the 2.x.
  11. Kingsley1

    Kingsley1 New Member

    Do you have Logic Audio Platinum (Mac) authorization floppy disk image or the floppy itself?
  12. cyberish

    cyberish New Member

    No, I only have the Logic Originals for 3.0, 4.0 up to 4.5, 6.4 and 9 and that Logic 2.5 CBX-D5 extension floppy disc. - Still looking for vers. 2.5 ...
  13. Kingsley1

    Kingsley1 New Member

    I have a floppy of Logic Audio 2.5.4- I have the CD of Logic Audio Platinum volume 6-but I need the authorization floppy for that to work properly-do you have that?
  14. cyberish

    cyberish New Member

    I believe that Logic 6 is dongle protected. - Never saw a floppy authorization for that.
    I'm looking for Logic Audio 2.5.0 .
  15. Kingsley1

    Kingsley1 New Member

    it's Logic 4.0 on the CD install- but it says Volume 6 as well. Logic Platinum 4.0 requires 2 dongles- which I have- to install you need the install CD as well as a floppy or if you have no floppy drive- you go to the emagic website to download the image-ha ha- no website anymore and Apple support won't help. I do have a floppy of Logic Audio 2.5.4 68K
  16. jlb325smsu

    jlb325smsu New Member

    Anyone have links to the updates for Logic Platinum 4 for Windows? The links posted above are dead.
    Also, anyone have an ISO of the installation disk to run Platinum 4.8.1 on XP?
  17. Rohan Walker

    Rohan Walker New Member

    legacy logic

    hi there.
    being a pc user of Logic audio platinum
    I seem to be facing similar problems to a lot of die-hards out there.

    I CANNOT (repeat) CANNOT find ANY environment downloads ANYWHERE!.

    I am sure you can sense my frustration.
    I am trying to find environments to suit Roland synthesizers.
    but I seem to be the only person on this planet who is using roland synths with logic on a pc...
    I have been using logic now for close to 20 years, but all of my environments have been created using my own sweat and blood.
    I am tied into the MIDI environment by a long history of hardware and I STILL FEEL that it is extremely efficient. but when i try to describe a U220 or a D110. people look at me as if I was born in the dark ages (perhaps I was).
    I would love to chat to anyone who can help, I have a lot of experience with this that i can share.
  18. jlb325smsu

    jlb325smsu New Member

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