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Logic playback distorted

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by Lauren2010, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. Lauren2010

    Lauren2010 Member

    Often when I wake my mac book pro from sleep and start an existing logic project, the audio in the speakers or phones (coming out of my apogee duet) is heavily distorted. The only way I know to cure this problem is to either reboot everything or, more simply, unplug the firewire cable from the duet and plug it back in.

    My duet firewire400 is daisy chained behind my glyph firewire800 which is connected to my mac book pro.

    First, is it safe to unplug and then re-plug-in the duet firewire cable while hot?

    Second, is there another easier way to keep the audio from ever being distorted like this, or is there another way to reset everything without rebooting or power-cycling anything or resetting plugs?


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